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Synonyms for largish

Synonyms for largish

somewhat large


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Although the band is largish in size (there's eight of them), and eclectic in style and nuances, they blend together really well, giving up musical space for each other as and when the need arises.
Medium to largish urban centres such as Leicester and Coventry were more likely to be identified with Central England.
For a largish car, it handles with remarkable nimbleness and agility.
Toilets: Largish, clean hatch and despatch, blighted by more of those irritating signs on the wall.
Tip it into a largish pan with a tight-fitting lid, add the water and bring to the boil.
You could add about 10 per cent sand or Perlite to any brand of peat-based compost and use a largish pot that comfortably accommodates the root system.
What you saw as you looked into the dimly lit space (the shades were pulled down) was a largish structure, perhaps seven feet tall, built out of plywood and two-by-fours, with an electrical motor attached to it.
Th at apart, there are a few largish insects fl oating around in Mr Duncan Smith's super-duper welfare ointment.
I'msat at a table in a largish, brightly lit room which resembles my Auntie Bessie's lounge.
Anglers at Sharpley this week found the cold snap has delayed the buzzer-feast and the wintry tactics of the last few weeks ( Bloodworm patterns and Black Buzzers fished slowly or largish lures such as Zonkers and Nomads ( continued to produce the best results.
It seats four in comfort, the boot is largish and cleanly shaped, and it has all the home comforts like electric windows, air con, cruise control, leather trim and CD-radio.
It would seem that there's a good opportunity for a few largish farms to get together and breed a few pheasants and ducks and offer some rough shooting including rabbits, wood pigeons and woodcock.
00pm in the resplendent luxury of a largish single-decker, a driver and I wound our way to the Cyncoed terminus via Heath Hospital and picked up precisely no one.
My mum is incredibly astute on these matters and claims Diana's slightly swollen abdomen, largish bosom and penchant for one-piece bathing suits on holiday in France is a sure indication she is with child.