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Synonyms for largesse

Synonyms for largesse

a gift or money given (as for service or out of benevolence)


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liberality in bestowing gifts

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Scientology, for example, is one of the groups lining up for the new federal largesse.
So I must apologize in advance to those worthy bodies who will never experience my largesse.
He leaves his wife, Beverly (Cialone) Geddes; their children, Penny Berry and her partner, Ralph Kennedy, Paul Geddes and his wife, Deborah, Lynn Largesse and her husband, Dan, all of Auburn; his grandchildren, Alyssa Geddes, David Engstrom, and Reanna Largesse; and a sister, Carol Chaffee, of West Boylston; as well as several nieces and nephews.
Largesse - defined as "generosity in bestowing money or gifts" - is one thing EU grants are not.
The FSA will not say whether the individuals who oversaw Northern Rock shared in the largesse, but in some ways that's beside the point.
org:16080/farm, where you can search largesse by state, county, city, and name.
MAY I thank the generosity and support that Henry and Rosemary Moszkowicz have given to their first-season stallion Largesse.
State units on aging responsible for distributing the largesse provided by the federal Department of Health and Human Services' Administration on Aging (AoA) did give a relatively higher rank to depression.
Where the Democrat Party prefers to redistribute wealth to poor rural and urban areas, the Republicans favor lavishing government largesse on "more affluent suburbs and GOP-leaning farm country.
The pundits also fell for it when Rudy said he was stunned that some New Yorkers hadn't benefited from the city's largesse and that he was going to have to look to see what part he might have had in that.
Despite the city's longtime largesse, Nederlander would only agree to make the improvements if it got a five-year extension.
1 Abject Art If abject art wasn't exactly the miserable stepchild of a market fallen on hard times, its various forms nevertheless found a perversely suitable terrain on which to thrive as we witnessed the overnight disappearance of an art scene that had hitherto nurtured scores of art students on dreams of '80s largesse.
It defies history and common sense to argue that the recipient of largesse can forever restrict the terms of the giver.
She is survived by her children Maryann Goebel, Judy Largesse, Steve J.
Apparently it holds 33 people and for a bank just bailed by the Irish government to the tune of EUR4billion, such largesse would not look good.