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Synonyms for largesse

Synonyms for largesse

a gift or money given (as for service or out of benevolence)


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liberality in bestowing gifts

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The seven-year-old son of Largesse is still a maiden but has twice finished second off a higher mark and could go well over this 2m41/2f trip, although it looks to be his maximum.
And, in many cases, what largesse, raking in sums that some working people can only dream of.
1) Though some of this largesse is being ploughed into progressive sounding initiatives, such as Classrooms of the Future, in reality, much of the funding is being directed at the refurbishment and adaptation of existing facilities.
Moreover, the prefecture is very heavily dependent on largesse from the national government to keep its books balanced, and must rely on Tokyo handouts on a perennial basis.
Speaking of the latest tax cut, how are the already affluent, the major beneficiaries of Bush's largesse, going to cope with the challenge of spending it?
For decades, this oil-and-gas tycoon has shared his largesse with several cultural institutions, including the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, whose art school bears his name.
Ironically, though, by the time the legislation was adopted, the states were already feeling less worried about double-digit growth in Medicaid expenditures; Medicaid costs nationwide were reportedly growing at roughly half of the increase experienced in 2001-2002 (a growth rate much slower, in fact, than that experienced by healthcare's private sector) Efforts that many states have already made to reduce Medicaid costs, including the cost of medications, coupled with the largesse provided by the new law mean that most states will experience only modest growth in Medicaid expenditures in the coming fiscal year, even with no significant budget reductions.
Rather than just write checks, he and his employees actively work with the recipients of their largesse and Satell serves on a number of the organizations' board of directors.
Like an unsigned will, Willem de Kooning's 1980s paintings ended his career with a kind of divisive largesse.
Pat Robertson has responded to the promised federal largesse by bitching and moaning about the possibility that it will go to the wrong sort of faith-based organization, such as the Hare Krishnas, the Scientologists, the Moonies, or the Nation of Islam.
Investors, incubators, and government largesse aside, it seems a lot of players forgot to put the basic truth of profitability into their much-vaunted business plans.
It is clear that BFI is a company following the money, and I suggest you see to whom in Santa Clarita they have offered their largesse.
Standing at the traffic lights I had created for myself the role of major benefactor, bestowing largesse on worthy bodies that would be eternally (well, nearly) grateful.
If Mexico's drivers (and asthmatics) have reason to be grateful for the $200 million Ford spent effecting this change, they were hardly the intended beneficiaries of the company's largesse.