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Synonyms for larger

much more than half

Synonyms for larger

large or big relative to something else


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The moment she mounted it seemed to be the signal for the other Mahars to enter the tank, and then commenced, upon a larger scale, a repetition of the uncanny performance through which the queen had led her victim.
The spider became much distended by the juices of its prey, which was many times larger than itself.
Then in the larger the quantity of justice is likely to be larger and more easily discernible.
It should be noted that in 2006, the provincial casinos contributed over $100 million to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which goes to benefit all qualifying charities across the province--including those in the larger centers that already have casinos.
Young:Taller than stand establishment, but still small and without larger trees
However, whereas the BMW shares only drivetrain pieces with its larger brethren, the G35 shares not only its drivetrain, but its basic structure--the Front Mid-ship (FM) platform--with the larger M35/M45 sedan.
We want to gather together boutique firms in a casual manner, not to exclude larger firms, but to understand their needs and our own.
However, people who got a larger bowl and a larger spoon ate 57 percent more ice cream than those who got a smaller bowl and spoon.
The disadvantages of the DNF include limited flap mobility and the possibility, although minimal, of ischemia that could result in a defect much larger than the original.
The research data for this paper emanated from a larger research project in which both girls and boys, aged between 5-6 years, were interviewed in-depth on issues relating to body image.
Becoming more conscious in our beliefs about the larger issues of living and translating those beliefs into actions requires that we continually find ways to wake ourselves up.
However, an easy mistake to make with a larger machine is overtaxing it, says Clark.
In general, exercise larger muscles before smaller ones.
afarensis males exhibited only a moderate size advantage over females, rather than the larger difference seen in gorillas.
Isthmus: A narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas.