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Synonyms for large-minded

showing or characterized by broad-mindedness

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There is no nuance, no subtlety, very little clear thinking, merely a monologue claiming that those "imbued with all-inclusive, universal, moral ideas--like the deistic equal rights of all human beings contained in the Declaration--will be large-minded and tolerant human beings.
Yet he was large-minded enough to allow that most of them seemed to be right with their Maker.
Long live The Public and their large-minded attitudes - that's what will take the West Midlands into the future.
But occasional small annoyances aside, the Danes have been persistently large-minded and generous in a way that other colonial powers have not.
Neither man seems large-minded enough to grasp the country's changed circumstances or to embrace the risks and opportunities of vital new ideas.
Xenakis was never confined, and always large-minded.