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Synonyms for large-hearted

willing to give of oneself and one's possessions

Synonyms for large-hearted

showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity

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In the film, Shah Rukh is supposed to play a large-hearted Gujarati don.
Bella Figura encourages large-hearted trend by offering free favor cards to altruistic couples
A LARGE-HEARTED person shows affection with words and actions - freely and generously.
In a statement, Southwell RFC, the rugby club where Mr Thompson had been a third team vice-captain, said: "Gary joined the club seven years ago and the loss of such an amiable and large-hearted man will affect everyone who knew him.
Contrary to Arab propaganda, the truth is that in the Jewish homeland live the bravest, cleverest and most large-hearted people God ever put on earth.
As sweet-tempered and large-hearted as he was, he had a toughness too--as a friend said after his death, he was no pussy (even if his nickname was Dr.
Every common Pakistani is a patriot, large-hearted and devout Muslim believing in the sublime teachings of Islam.
The large-hearted "Dearth" is a revelatory tale of disguised bounty.
He is widely regarded as a model of the large-hearted libertarian who endlessly crusades for tolerance and who sets himself up as the critic of 'establishments'.
The New York Times reviewer, in a front-page rave in its Sunday Book Review section, said, ``Again and again, you hit passages of wry and large-hearted descriptive prose that are the clearest measure of Whitehead's achievement and promise as a writer.
Paul West has done it again--written another large-hearted novel that investigates life's overlooked corners while celebrating the splendors of creation and the unpredictable.
Today, learning the ways of the large-hearted seems counter-cultural, almost subversive.
The first chronicles the tribulations of 56-year-old Odessa Williams, a longsuffering, large-hearted woman doing her level best to care for an ever-expanding clan that includes eight children, 32 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.
Cynthia Rose Purley (Brenda Blethyn) is a large-hearted Cockney mother with two illegitimate daughters.