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I caught a large number of fishes in the neighbourhood of Suez.
That escaped me; but my mind was turned in another direction by the large number of false indications of his track which the murderer left, and by the measure of the black foot-marks corresponding with that of Daddy Jacques's boots, which I had established without his suspecting it, on the floor of The Yellow Room.
Without my knowing it, there were a large number of people present from Alabama, and some from the town of Tuskegee.
I knew, too, that while the greater part of my audience would be composed of Southern people, yet there would be present a large number of Northern whites, as well as a great many men and women of my own race.
Elsewhere, the foreign-backed militants suffered major losses as the Syrian Army pushed back the armed groups in Homs and Hama, leaving a large number of them killed and injured.
There are a large number of interracial marriages in Glendale, where the husband is Caucasian and the wife is Filipina,'' she said.
This is the first product SPSS BI has offered for the Linux platform, and SPSS Data Entry's new Web-enabled architecture is a perfect fit with the large number of organizations hosting Web sites on Linux and Solaris servers," said Marcus Hearne, SPSS marketing manager.
With IP Multicast, a host can transmit data to a large number of receivers that specifically request to receive that data.
The specific mathematical procedure used for encrypting and decrypting data might contain a loophole that a malicious eavesdropper could exploit to intercept and decrypt a message without having to factor a large number.
Geospatial imagery is most valuable when a large number of users can access it and use it as soon as possible.
LARKANA -- Special Azadi Train on Thursday attracted a large number of people here at Larkana Railway Junction.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A large number of militants have been killed in fierce clashes with the Syrian army in Dar province in the Southern parts of the country, informed sources said on Monday.
Avrech adapted the book and did a fine condensing job, considering the large number of players and the likewise large numbers of dangers in the climb, especially including the desperate need for oxygen at those terrible, airless heights.
The prospects for building a quantum computer, unfortunately, remain dim, mainly because of the difficulty of keeping a large number of quantum states isolated from other photons and external disturbances.
A large number of platforms are supported, including, but not limited to Windows CE, Windows XP, Symbian, QNX and Linux.
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