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a corporation with a large capitalization

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Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) is a large cap to own for the long term with three of the leading brokerages.
Given Affinity's 14-year track record in the large cap space, we are excited to take their expertise to an even broader market.
Leveraging the tenure, experience and track record of the MetWest Capital team, we are pleased to bring to the retail marketplace a large cap fundamentally-driven intrinsic value mutual fund," said Dennis Ferro, president and chief executive officer, Evergreen Investments.
Chris Leavy, chief investment officer of fundamental equity (Americas) at BlackRock, will take over Doll's responsibilities on the Large Cap Series funds, becoming co-manager of those funds along with Peter Stournaras, managing director, the memo said.
He added, To enable institutional investors to seize this attractive opportunity, we have introduced the BM S&P GCC Large Cap Index Fund.
ALIA is distributing the assets among their investment products as follows: $20 million in Large Cap US Growth Equity, $20 million in Large Cap US Value Equity, and $10 million in Large Cap Core International Equity.
You agree to put 20% of her assets in a large cap value fund--one that specializes in choosing bargain stocks with low price--earnings (P/E) ratios from among the offerings of large U.
Although gains have been significant for large cap stocks such as the Dow Jones industrial average, returns for mid- and small-cap stocks have been disappointing
com/research/bb1c3d/top_20_large_cap_n) has announced the addition of GlobalData's new report "Top 20 Large Cap North American Independent Exploration & Production (E&P) Companies -Financial & Operational Fundamental Analysis and Benchmarking - 2010" to their offering.
BankMuscat unveiled BM S&P GCC Large Cap Index Fund (BankMuscat Standard & Poor s Large Cap Index Fund).
Looking at the differential between the expected returns of large cap and small cap stocks, it appears that large caps have a good chance of outperforming small stocks over the next decade," said Mark A.
Among stock funds, make sure your money is divided among large cap funds, small to mid-caps, international and riskier issues.
NEW YORK -- Clear Asset Management LLC (ClearAM), an asset management and equity research firm, announced today that its Large Cap Value Portfolio was the top-ranked investment product in the PSN database for the two-year period ending December 31, 2006.
AMA" - NYSE: AMO) held today, stockholders approved the acquisition of the assets and the assumption of the liabilities of AMA by AllianceBernstein Large Cap Growth Fund, Inc.
One security, Public Storage, will be migrating to the MSCI US Large Cap 300 Index from the MSCI US Mid Cap 450 Index.