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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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Ausschreibungdonauausbau straubing - vilshofen, part 1: straubing - deggendorf, joint ecological measures, breeding bird mapping open land species lapwing and partridge on pik measures areas 15/3/18
In 2010 Alun won the Wales Nature and Farming Award for his work with the RSPB to save the lapwing population on the farm, increasing the number of pairs from two to 25 at the time of the award.
Lapwing are a firm focus for the trust as they were once a common farmland bird.
Instead he delved into the history of the doomed ship and later in life became the secretary of the HMS Lapwing Association.
The Silver Lapwing Award, sponsored by Waitrose, is now in its 38th year.
After fixing the first and bigger leakage, they noticed a red-wattled lapwing bathing in the puddle of water formed from the second leakage.
Four adults and a child were in a house at Lapwing Way when a device exploded at 1.
Cardilini A (2010) The Effects of Urbanisation on Reproductive Success and Parental Care in the Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles).
He was shot in the stomach with a pellet before the crooks ran off empty-handed into Lapwing Grove.
Dr Peter Robertson, the RSPB's conservation manager for northern England, said: "It's a mixed story for Yorkshire, but the increases in farmlands birds like lapwing and skylark are extremely welcome as across the UK these birds are declining markedly.
But at least 24 lapwing chicks have already hatched in the grassy lands around the prison walls.
Graham Wynne, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB - BirdLife UK), said: "Governments of the newest members to join the EU must learn the lessons from countries like the UK, where declines of farmland wildlife have seen once common species, like the tree sparrow and lapwing, disappear from many areas".
Since 1982, snipe, lapwing, curlew and redshank have all shown severe falls in numbers.
A lapwing flew on to the pitch three minutes from time and deflected what looked like a winning shot from Botafogo striker Fabio away from goal.
The key to this race will largely rest on your opinion of the chance of Lapwing, who is as low as 7-2 with one firm and as big as 6-1 with another.