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large crested Old World plover having wattles and spurs

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Instead he delved into the history of the doomed ship and later in life became the secretary of the HMS Lapwing Association.
The Silver Lapwing Award, sponsored by Waitrose, is now in its 38th year.
After fixing the first and bigger leakage, they noticed a red-wattled lapwing bathing in the puddle of water formed from the second leakage.
Breeding numbers of lapwing, also known as the 'peewit' due to its distinctive call, have increased, thanks in part to a grant from the Biodiversity Action Fund of WREN which started in July 2011.
In the past, it has supported up to 15 breeding lapwing pairs.
Four adults and a child were in a house at Lapwing Way when a device exploded at 1.
Whether she finally bred in the general area we are unable to tell, but there were many lapwing territories in the adjacent fields beyond our study area.
The best thing is you might just be lucky enough to spot lapwing and redshank chicks around the reserve, as they have successfully bred here this year.
DANGER: Birds like the lapwing and golden plover could be put at risk by a 50m turbine like this one based in Shelley
An estimated 600 wading birds on reserve have seen their nests and breeding attempts destroyed, including almost two-fifths (37%) of England and Wales' lowland snipe, as as redshank, lapwing and rare black-tailed godwits.
The 63-year-old was stopped by two teenage thugs on a footpath at the bottom of Lapwing Grove, Runcorn, as he made his way home from the pub at just after 11.
But at least 24 lapwing chicks have already hatched in the grassy lands around the prison walls.
A lapwing flew on to the pitch three minutes from time and deflected what looked like a winning shot from Botafogo striker Fabio away from goal.
The key to this race will largely rest on your opinion of the chance of Lapwing, who is as low as 7-2 with one firm and as big as 6-1 with another.
The lapwing is a bird of the old-fashioned, traditional mixed farms that are fast disappearing as agriculture grows ever more intensive