laptop computer

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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap


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of greater customer needs for a second laptop computer monitor," he added.
One of the laptop computers - a Fujitsu Siemens - belonged to the family of the late Robert Clarke who died last October of cystic fibrosis.
POLICE have renewed their plea to motorists not to leave valuable items in cars, following thefts of laptop computers in south Warwickshire yesterday.
Team Concepts' laptop computers for children can be found in toy stores nationwide.
Rather than switch between a desktop and a laptop computer, an accountant may prefer to use his or her laptop in both the home office as well as at the client's office.
Key to this newfound mobility is the development of the laptop computer, which is increasingly light and versatile.
As the fifth generation of laptop carts made by Bretford, the new Intelligent Laptop Computer cart line includes two different models, with ample space for either 20 horizontally stored or 30 vertically stored laptops.
Notebook and laptop computers are five times more likely to be stolen than desktop systems.
A mobile phone was taken from a car in Leontes Close, Warwick Gates, and a laptop computer, wallet and credit cards were stolen from a car in Prospero Drive, Heathcote.
Take the NoteJet laptop computer from Canon Computer Systems Inc.
BURBANK - Flights were delayed and hundreds of passengers temporarily stranded at Burbank Airport on Friday after security workers detained a man suspected of having a possible bomb in a laptop computer, authorities said.
Antelope Valley, Quartz Hill, Littlerock and Desert Winds high schools have been selected by the California Department of Education to receive money to set up new computer labs, enhance media centers in the library and a buy a laptop computer cart for all freshmen classes.
A janitor has pleaded guilty to grand theft of thousands of dollars of office equipment, after police secretly videotaped him hiding a laptop computer in a trash bin and wheeling it out the door.
PHOTO (1--Color) Sandra Hernandez Adams of Miami uses encryption devices to protect the data on her laptop computer following a theft from her car.