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a portable computer small enough to use in your lap

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Earlier, Youth Programme Chairperson Leila Khan had claimed that in order to promote Information Technology (IT) manufacturing industry and to contribute significantly towards the country's economy, the first time in the history, Haier Pakistan, vendor of the scheme, has established a state-of-the-art Laptop Assembly Plant in Lahore.
The government under the scheme had distributed around 300,000 laptops in educational years of 2013-14, 2015-16 and 2016-17 under Phase-I, II and III.
HP is able to provide Bang and Olufsen enabled speakers not only on its top of the line laptops but on some of its small 30k laptop as well.
We are equipped to help you out with more than 19,500 LCD and LED laptop screens.
For example, it may be possible to leave your laptop behind if, while traveling, you only need to check e-mail and have access to a computer facility, such as a hotel business center.
Gomes estimates that the cost to replace a university laptop and related software is $2,000.
The laptops did contain information that was not for public consumption.
If a student at the Irving Independent School District in Texas downloads music or movies from his laptop at school, he may have to pay a fine to re-image it.
You empty your pockets, take off your shoes and place your laptop and carry-on bag on the conveyer belt at the airport screening station.
Today, just about every laptop should be ordered with built-in wireless connectivity.
Less than half of the companies surveyed have formal procedures in place for backing up mission-critical data hosted on laptop computers.
Centrino laptops are currently one of the most popular computer systems available, and pre-loading LindowsOS Laptop Edition will narrow the digital divide, making them more affordable than ever before.
Organized laptop programs in higher education date as far back as 1988 when Drew University in Madison, NJ, began providing notebook computers (paid for from tuition) to all incoming freshmen.