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having overlapping hull planks

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Sailors have choices ranging from an 8-foot lapstrake dinghy to a traditional 17-foot dory.
Yellow Lapstrake is stunning, a dazzling piece in brilliant yellow that proceeds across the wall on a diagonal, in sections, like tiles.
Sailors will know of the Norwegian lapstrake or clinker-built (12) technique of planking the hulls of Viking ships--there is no trace of that method of joining and waterproofing that I have seen in the stave churches, only the tongue-and-groove method with vertical planks, not strakes.
A common build method for a wooden canoe is the lapstrake type, the method of boat construction in which the planks of wood overlap each other, much like the siding on a house.
During her first visit to the Adirondacks in 1988, Christine Jerome became fascinated by the Adirondack Museum, and a tiny lapstrake canoe of white cedar coated with oil and shellac, only nine-feet long and weighing 10 1/2 pounds.