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a fleshy wrinkled and often brightly colored fold of skin hanging from the neck or throat of certain birds (chickens and turkeys) or lizards


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a small lap on a garment or headdress

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medium-sized hairy moths

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Boundary layers were thickest around the lappets themselves, and the highest lappet velocities during bell contraction were associated with shedding a portion of the dye-marked fluids surrounding the lappet.
The soluble form is found mainly in the exumbrellar epithelia of the dome and lappets and in the dome mesoglea.
One explanation for the discrepancy is that a pink fluorescent substance is more abundant in the lappet photocytes than in the ovarian photocytes, but that the fluorescent substance in lappets easily dissociates from luciferase-L molecules during the extraction process, whereas that in eggs does not dissociate from luciferase-O.
Radial septa: 16; two between adjacent rhopalia, each terminating on center of lappet.
Diagnosis: There are 2 pairs of dendritic branchiae and a large lateral lappet attached to segment 2 ventrally and 3 dorsally.
Further, velarial lappets and corresponding warts characteristic of A.
For example, in the summer of 1800, within twenty days, a group of fifty people collected about thirteen cubic metres of caterpillars and cocoons of the pine-tree lappet on approximately 154 hectares in the community forest of Neu-Ruppin northwest of Berlin (90) In 1820, from June to early August, about 10,000 caterpillars were gathered in the forest district GroB-Schonebeck north of Berlin.
And a tit that she tried in vain to protect with the lappet of her overcoat; underneath she wore a red sweater and a fine necklace, a very tight sweater, pleasantly perfumed.
EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want, Frances Moore Lappet Nation Books, New York, 2011, 320 pages.
Median terminal lappet between two lobes, 328 (280-380; n = 5) length, bearing three pairs of hooks: outer pair robust, erected thumb one or two small protuberances on external curvature, 50 (45-55; n = 10) long, 7 (5-10; n = 10) wide; medial pair smaller, 10 (9-11; n = 6) long, 2 (2-4; n = 6) wide; inner pair, 62 (50-75; n = 10) long, 5 (5; n = 10) wide.
The length of balloon is controlled by synchronizing the movements of the ring rail and the lappet rail.
0 in upper jaw, its center well behind midpoint of upper jaw; anterior nostrils tubular, elongate, about twice in eye, with small lappet extending from each side; posterior nostrils in upper lip, not visible externally, beginning before eye and ending beneath middle of pupil; upper lip papillate, particularly between anterior and posterior nostrils; broad fleshy chevron dividing snout between anterior nostrils; dorsal fin origin on head, well in advance of gill opening, 1.
Comprising of more than 170 000 hectares of biodiversity, the NamibRand Reserve is astonishing and includes the endangered cheetah and Lappet faced vultures as well as many of the Namib famous endemics, the Dune Lark and Grants Golden Mole, making up all-in-all a soulful destination to loving travellers.
The butterfly lappet valves are used as parts for adjusting components of fluid flow in hydraulic and pneumatic transportation (fig.