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a dog small and tame enough to be held in the lap

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com/4434jnd or contact Sherry Harris, Lapdog Entertainment, by phone at 818-915-1283 or by email at sherry.
I WATCHED Cameron's lapdog Nick Clegg stuttering and stammering his way through an interview with Andrew Marr yesterday morning.
LITTLE lapdog Maggie took on the nation's top dogs in a competition and surprised everybody by making it to the grand final.
Poor old Freddy follows the misfiring Dutchman all round Europe like a lapdog only to be pipped by Rafa Benitez.
At least since the early 1990s, the FDA has been stuck on a seesaw, alternately criticized as either a bureaucratic obstacle to industry, or the lapdog of industry--too slow in getting desperately needed drugs to the public, or too fast in rushing dangerous drugs onto pharmacy shelves.
The Chinese made the animal the first sign of their zodiac, but others have called it the devil's lapdog and blamed it for spreading the plague.
When Ozzy and Sharon go to Washington for the dinner (Ozzy even turns up on C-SPAN when the prez refers to him in his speech), a yippie lapdog leaves his business on elegant Ritz Carlton carpeting.
I can say truly that I am convinced the great majority of my fellow compatriots know the difference between reasoned and factual debate, and the shameful propaganda put out by those who have a vested interest in our country continuing to be a subservient lapdog to our ruling masters in Brussels.
The days of a lapdog Welsh First Minister will end when Carwyn Jones leaves office, and Westminster had better get used to that.
Not forgetting the United Kingdom, complicit in Iraq and Afghanistan, as America's lapdog in chief.
So when exactly did the great British bulldog turn into the cowering little lapdog that it appears to be today?
It's one thing having a docile lapdog, it's another frightening the neighbours with an animal that looks as if it works for Satan.
Having taken on the Arab world in Iraq, with his Downing Street lapdog tagging on in his slipstream, he's finding it somewhat more difficult than he'd originally thought.
Free LapDog Club Connects Small-Dog Enthusiasts for Friendship, Community Enrichment and Charity
THE Warwickshire father of a soldier killed in Iraq has hit out at the government in his grief, describing Prime Minister Tony Blair as "George Bush's lapdog.