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a dog small and tame enough to be held in the lap

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The days of a lapdog Welsh First Minister will end when Carwyn Jones leaves office, and Westminster had better get used to that.
No doubt this will be forced through by lapdog David Cameron, but we should be given a national vote on this.
Not forgetting the United Kingdom, complicit in Iraq and Afghanistan, as America's lapdog in chief.
I WATCHED Cameron's lapdog Nick Clegg stuttering and stammering his way through an interview with Andrew Marr yesterday morning.
It's one thing having a docile lapdog, it's another frightening the neighbours with an animal that looks as if it works for Satan.
Having taken on the Arab world in Iraq, with his Downing Street lapdog tagging on in his slipstream, he's finding it somewhat more difficult than he'd originally thought.
THE Warwickshire father of a soldier killed in Iraq has hit out at the government in his grief, describing Prime Minister Tony Blair as "George Bush's lapdog.
THE Democratic Party, depending on one's perspective, is either the champion of the little guy or the lapdog of big government.
So when exactly did the great British bulldog turn into the cowering little lapdog that it appears to be today?
Liverpool is warm and friendly, but no lapdog (or poodle).
Better to bite the hand that feeds you than be thought a lapdog.
Who could have thought that a Labour government would become a lapdog to George Bush's right wing Republican administration?
President Duterte is not only a lapdog of the United States, he is also a lapdog of the new imperialist China,' former Bayan Muna Rep.
We're going to the Oscars," gushed the old slapper's lapdog "stylist" Gary Cockerill.
What hope do we have when we have people like London Labour's lapdog Peter Hain doing their very best to ensure that we don't get this money?