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He said around 450 Pakistanis were languishing in different Chinese jails and the extradition treaty's implementation would ensure their shifting to Pakistani jails.
He said that presently all the jails in occupied Kashmir were filled with the innocent detainees and a good number of them was languishing in Tihar and other jails of India.
A non government organisation (NGO) had filed the petition in the SHC for repatriation of at least 460 Pakistani fishermen who were languishing in Indian jails.
Further, Government has also permitted extension of concession period for languishing NH projects on BOT (Toll) mode for the period of delay not directly attributable to the concessionaire subject to the condition that tenure of the operation period would remain unchanged and the project has to be physically completed within the next three years.
The decision will allow provisions of a policy circular of National Highways Authority of India ( NHAI) issued in June on one- time fund infusion for build- operate- transfer BOT ( toll) projects to be extended and made applicable in case of languishing projects on BOT ( annuity) mode, according to an official statement.
On behalf of people of Pakistan, I through media appeal to the newly elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on purely humanitarian grounds to order immediate release of all Pakistani fishermen including 121 who are languishing in Indian jails for the last 19 years.
Summary: The National Association for Combating Discrimination Against Women urged lawmakers Thursday to pass a draft law criminalizing domestic violence that has been languishing in Parliament for nearly three years.
Sheikh Hassan Mulla Ali Al-Qarahgolli , former head of Sunni Waqf / endowment/ in Diyala province, who deceased in prison after being unjustly languishing five years in prison without trial or investigation.
This is the least we can do for our citizens languishing in jails abroad," Justice Khalid Mahmood Khan said.
ISTG spokeswoman Claudia Saba said: "While 14 Irish citizens were languishing in prison in Israel for the crime of coming to their aid, the population of Gaza continues to languish in what is, in effect, the world's largest open air prison.
has ordered the release of 61 Pakistani prisoners languishing in different
Sources informed that as many as 100 persons belonging to various parts of the province including Peshawar, Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Upper and Lower Dir, Swat, Lakki Marwat and Mardan districts were languishing in Saudi jails for quite a long time.
Keyes has developed a continuum in which languishing is just one step above mental illness followed by moderately mentally healthy and flourishing.
UNRELEASED songs by forces' sweetheart Gracie Fields are to hit the shelves more than 70 years since they were recorded after languishing in a garage.
In fact, it's not the only thing that's languishing down there in the depths.