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a period of instruction learning a language

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That year, the Korean office of the Chinese daily started publishing Chinese language lessons, 100 episodes total, for Korean users on its website.
Another non-negotiable is that every lesson is a content lesson and a language lesson," Bacon says.
com)-- My Chinese Tutor has officially launched and now provides students from around the world with the chance to have Chinese language lessons online with bilingual tutors based in China.
Dubai Free language lessons will be available today at the Eton Institute to mark its fifth anniversary.
Allan is among others who record short language lessons on youtube.
Exercises in Mathematics, this exercise was placed at an experiment stage and aims at a first exploration through simple exercises of the degree of correlation of the difficulties between language lessons and maths which the dyslectic pupil appears to have.
With the new language lesson system, we are connecting members who want to start lesson business and members who want to learn languages and both parties have significant merits.
The charity has also created an animated sign language lesson available on their website - www.
WELSH learners will be given the chance to make history this Saturday, by taking part in the world's biggest language lesson.
More than 40 Year Nine pupils from Hartlepool's six secondary schools took part in a Greek language lesson and food-tasting session at Hartlepool Education Development Centre.
So, we utilized talking lions to give everyone in America an entertaining language lesson on carne asada to kick off the first week of Taco Bell's new premium and portable Carne Asada Steak Grilled Taquitos during America's most popular football game.
Teacher Lindsay, 22, of Brandon, Warks, was found dead after she gave an English language lesson to Ichihashi in a coffee shop in Tokyo.
The pupils participated in a language lesson, learning the names of shapes in English and Mandarin via their Promethean Activboards, which are interactive whiteboards.
SANTA CLARITA - A quick language lesson for you today from the eight Samoan players on the College of the Canyons football team.
The paper suggests five components of a language lesson, noting that teacher-learners must select the topics for their learning efficiently in order to keep one step ahead of their students.
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