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a period of instruction learning a language

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Dubai Free language lessons will be available today at the Eton Institute to mark its fifth anniversary.
Allan is among others who record short language lessons on youtube.
Exercises in Mathematics, this exercise was placed at an experiment stage and aims at a first exploration through simple exercises of the degree of correlation of the difficulties between language lessons and maths which the dyslectic pupil appears to have.
There is even a daily five-minute English language lesson.
Furthermore, members may registered as "Language Tutors" and provide free and fee-based online language lesson services to other members.
The process is simple; students can register on the website before selecting a Chinese tutor of their choice to conduct a 30 minute free Chinese language lesson online.
WELSH learners will be given the chance to make history this Saturday, by taking part in the world's biggest language lesson.
Teacher Lindsay, 22, of Brandon, Warks, was found dead after she gave an English language lesson to Ichihashi in a coffee shop in Tokyo.
Another non-negotiable is that every lesson is a content lesson and a language lesson," Bacon says.
My first English language lesson, at Secondary School in 1953.
NASUWT executive member David Battye argued Britain should follow Russian schools in having language lessons for five year olds.
It also provides speeches, lectures, language lessons, and on-demand radio programs, including Marketplace, Car Talk, Fresh Air, and Science Friday.
The exhibit demonstrates the ability for the Motorola i1000plus(TM) integrated digital handset, with hands-free speakerphone, to download and play a selection of best-selling spoken media, such as audio books, magazine and newspaper digests, business and investing news and analysis, lectures, language lessons and on-demand radio from Audible.
It is the only country in Western Europe to delay language lessons until 11.
Twenty schools will pilot the language lessons from September, partly by tapping into the internet.
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