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a large continuous extent of land

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That's like us, with our landmass of 98,000 square miles, taking in 40 refugees.
Half of Scotland's landmass has no 3G, compared with only six per cent in England.
The name refers to its diet as well as its isolation in the isolated landmass in the ocean, reported BBC.
China insists it has sovereign rights to all of the South China Sea, even waters close to the coast of other countries and hundreds of kilometres (miles) from its own landmass.
The North Pole is surrounded by ice, not land, so the northern distortion is not as obvious as that of Antarctica, the landmass that surrounds the South Pole.
Just 41,000 people live in the Kimberley, although it has a landmass the size of California.
The discoveries were made on what remains of the continent of Sahul, a prehistoric landmass joining Australia and Papua New Guinea.
Meanwhile, another landmass fell into the well burying two more people.
The Antarctic has a huge landmass that blocks ocean currents.
Professor Ian Shennan from Durham University said: "The action of the Ice Age on our landmass has been like squeezing a sponge which eventually regains its shape.
IN Depression-era New York, film-maker Carl Denham, writer Jack Driscoll and leading man Bruce Baxter set sail for Skull Island, a fog-shrouded landmass with a dark secret.
Many countries soon rise claim to the new landmass.
Animals may have migrated across land bridges that have since been separated by the motion of tectonic plates: a less likely possibility is that the animals floated from one landmass to another on rafts of vegetation.
In previous studies, various teams have argued that Australia, southern China, or even Siberia lay along the southwestern edge of Laurentia, a landmass that held most of what is now North America.
IF we listen to some political commentators, Gordon Brown heads the least popular government since Britain's landmass split from Europe.