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a person who lives and works on land

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SCORERS: Dragons - tries: R Landman (2); con: D Jones.
The private sector plays a role, too, Landman says, pointing to the Avia Innovator Network from Chicago.
In the naming of one of her principal characters, Landman boldly invites comparison with Rosemary Sutcliff's The Eagle of the Ninth.
Dragons: Tries: Landman, Evans, Hill, Amos, Warren; cons: Macleod, O'Brien (2); pens: Macleod (2).
The Dragons at least finished the game strongly with tries from Landman and Hallam Amos in the final 10 minutes but their chance of victory had long since gone.
An original application with attachments and recent color photo along with nine copies and one redacted PDF version excluding all exempt information under Chapter 119 and other applicable public records law must be delivered to Landman no later than noon on March 4.
However, not all onions are created equal, according to Landman.
Landman rebutted Motsoaledi's arguments that doctors were 'not to be looked upon as people who kill' that they 'can kill anytime but don't, because not killing is imbedded in their minds' and that doctors should provide palliative care to enable death with dignity.
That unyielding sense of integrity has made Coleman the model landman he is considered today.
STATS Falcons scorers - Tries: JP Socino, C Harris, W Welch, A Saull Conversions: T Catterick 2, R Clegg Penalties: T Catterick Dragons scorers - Tries: T Morgan, Penalty try, A Coombs, H Amos 2, R Landman Conversions: T Prydie 5 REFEREE: J Lacey ATTENDANCE: 3,280 THE TABLE EUROPEAN RUGBY CHALLENGE CUP GROUP C PWDL F APTS Gwent Dragons .
Exploring a variety of topics from the field of Ramsey theory within the set of integers, Landman and Robertson introduce students to mathematical research, giving them an appreciation for the essence of mathematical research and getting them started on their own research work among the unsolved problems in the flourishing area of Ramsey theory on the integers.
com)-- Batalla MMA Fight Entertainment announced today that famed boxing and celebrity fitness trainer, Phil Landman, will begin hosting a fitness feature on the Batalla website.
Drawing on the fields of international relations, international law, and political science, author Landman (former director of the Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution) offers a cautiously optimistic perspective on the triumph of democratic ideals in international and domestic institutions over the past 60 years.
The deal was inked between Constellation CEO Geof Syphers and Sonoma Clean Power Authority Vice Chair Mark Landman.
Fact is, for Steve Landman, it's a real-life predicament.