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a low area that has been filled in

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The Landfill Methane Outreach Program's (LMOP's) Opportunities for Landfill Gas Energy Recovery is a reference book describing landfills within certain states, and it can help practitioners determine whether a candidate landfill ripe for energy recovery is located nearby.
Anything you can name, from radioactive waste to hospital waste, is in that landfill.
On Long Island, a closed landfill cancelled its mowing contract and is letting nature - including volunteer trees - take its course.
to prepare a risk assessment which will evaluate the human health and environmental risks posed by the entire facility to individuals living adjacent to BKK Landfill.
now collect only narrow-neck bottles, not mixed rigid plastics, after their 50,000-lb landfill debacle noted above.
A distilled water extraction procedure was performed at UW to more closely simulate actual landfill conditions.
Some landfills are now being designed to promote biodegradation through the injection of water, oxygen or microbes.
Scott Tignac, manager of the Simi Valley Landfill and Recycling Center, said that beyond the pest-control services, Waste Management Inc.
But evidence suggests that H2S is not generated if the landfill is operated properly, and may never even make an appearance.
What the EnergyXchange is able to do, beyond simply mitigating the effect of landfill emissions, is trap the methane of the Yancey/Mitchell landfill and use it as an energy source for seven greenhouses and artists' studios.
Even so, the European Union has banned lead solder in certain electronic devices beginning in 2006, due to landfill concerns.
Consequently, it takes up less space than paper, and space is one of the key considerations in a landfill.
The decomposition of interred landfill wastes creates methane.
Based in Pittsburgh, Montauk is one of the largest and most successful landfill gas developers in the United States and is the parent company of two of the oldest and most respected names in the industry - GSF Energy, LLC, the former Getty Synthetic Fuels; and Waste Energy Technology (WET).