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That is how Jesse Trefusis, a poor Manchester bagman, contrived to be come a plutocrat and gentleman of landed estate.
It being now pretty late, we took our candles and went upstairs, where we parted with friendly heartiness at his door, and where I found my new room a great improvement on my old one, it not being at all musty, and having an immense four-post bedstead in it, which was quite a little landed estate.
Other scholars before him have pointed to the relatively slow spread of the Spanish landed estate, the hacienda, in the area, but Terraciano is able to connect this convincingly to native retention of land and other resources within the forms of community, property, and inheritance bridging Mixtec and Spanish practices.
Ehrlich sees in Scipione a master strategist for realizing the family's aspirations; she carefully reconstructs the devices he used to make the Villa Mondragone a great landed estate, enabling the Borghese long after the demise of Paul V "to use their position in the countryside to sustain their aristocratic status in the city" (2).
It provided tax planning and succession advice to the owners of a large landed estate in Warwickshire; and also advised on the creation of a revocable life interest out of a family settlement in order to obtain enterpreneurs' relief on company shares.
Instead, the society and therefore, the landed estate owner, became concerned with commercial success and increasingly, political and social strife.
English landed society, at least until the 1880s, remained sufficiently dominant, to absorb any wealthy bourgeois who bought a landed estate, even if his initial intentions in so doing were ambiguous.
The Deparment of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently issued guidelines governing the completion of distribution and titling of landed estates under Republic Act (R.
Natalie Smith, an associate in the private client team, who is herself an experienced and accomplished rider and a member of British Show Jumping, the British Horse Society and the Malvern Hills Riding Club, said: "Lodders has long worked with private clients and businesses in the equine sector, as part of its highly regarded work within the agricultural and landed estates sectors.
As a history student here he was regarded as one of the best of his generation and it was his interest in history that led him, together with his long-time friend, the chain-smoking bibliophile Bob Owen Croesor, to trawl through the muniment rooms of the landed estates of North Wales; those rooms where important titledeeds and other estate documents were stored.
The bank has set up a team of specialist partners, who will become the sole point of contact between the bank and their landed estates customers.