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a metal post supporting an outdoor lamp (such as a streetlight)

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But those on secluded pathways, behind housing estates, in parks or even just, set back from the road were missing from the contract and because no council department would take responsibility for repairs they have been dubbed orphan lampposts.
The department of public works here has further installed 88 environment-friendly lampposts on the UAQ Walkway as well as major roads of the emirate, Musabih said.
Cyclist Jens Voigt at last |year's Tour de France in Yorkshire, his image of the cycle path (above) and after the lampposts were removed (left)
It is believed specialist equipment was used to carry out the thefts in Jack Martin Way, Dundee, with the lampposts being targeted for their scrap metal value.
The report also highlights the potential income generation from sponsorship in certain areas, including on some roundabouts and lampposts.
For every kid with a rope, lampposts were better than any fairground ride.
The new concrete lampposts photographed at the junction of Acklam Road and Levick Crescent had just been installed when this picture was taken.
Fiscal depute Stuart Richardson told the hearing: "He must have been very drunk, because when he ran out of passersby he began to shout at the lampposts, similarly challenging them to 'have a go'.
WIRRAL Council has pledged to prosecute those responsible for putting up BNP flyposters which have appeared on a number of lampposts across the borough.
Police in Swansea are investigating a number of incidents of criminal damage to lampposts in Penlan.
THREE youths were arrested after a mechanical digger was stolen from a school and driven into lampposts.
A trial of solar-powered 'smart' lampposts that could provide high-speed Internet access, is to begin later this month in Dundee, Scotland, with the potential to be extended to cover other areas.
All lampposts, rather conveniently, have an electricity supply, a light to work under and, as we've just discovered, are not very far apart.
Were it not for my generalized and vague senescence, I could have swung round lampposts like Gene Kelly--and it wasn't even raining.
From the early 1900's to the late 1950's, the F-pole was one of four to five lampposts used throughout the City for streets, parks, and the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge.