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a metal post supporting an outdoor lamp (such as a streetlight)

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You mean they are going to make the lampposts broader?
other Lampposts in Ajman, Fujairah and Ras al Khaimah; megacoms in Umm al Quwain.
The ministry is running a large number of lampposts on more than 710km long federal roads.
The project saw installation of 100 lampposts in Al Yarmouk area.
The Office of the Ombudsman in the Visayas (Ombudsman-Visayas) earlier said a comparison of the costs of the 1,800 lampposts, as indicated in the Programs of Work and Estimates prepared by Mandaue City and reflected in the importation documents, showed the equipment was overpriced by nearly 10 times its actual cost.
The launch of the smart street lampposts aligns with the Omantel 3.
Other broken decorations could also be found on Bennetts Corner, South Bank, and the Magnet roundabout, Grangetown, although by the end of the holidays this one was just a bracket swinging from the lamppost.
But those on secluded pathways, behind housing estates, in parks or even just, set back from the road were missing from the contract and because no council department would take responsibility for repairs they have been dubbed orphan lampposts.
As our more recent photo shows, the lampposts have now been removed but the zig-zag path remains.
Knights of the Lamppost There is a lamppost, shining bright, Giving off a brilliant light, Many a person, under to pass, Their essence, in its beam, to cast, Others under it, there to stand, Many a future romance planned Like a soldier straight, standing there, Many a secret tale could share, Its light to brighten many a darkened place, Shadows of time, nobody wanting to face, The moon also, shining down from high, When she is welcomed in the sky, But should a cloud darken her face, The streets, no longer a very safe place, The lampposts are knights, all in disguise, In their stance, all of one size, Such a chivalrous part to play, In all weathers they stand, their glory to be, Yet we, their presence may never see, So used to them, day and night, Their place in our world just so right.
TWO 50ft lampposts have been stolen from the same street within days.
The move would mean firms paying Durham County Council for the privilege of advertising their wares on roundabouts and lampposts in the county.
Lampposts were perfect doggy 'Sat Navs' - enabling our four-legged friends to find their way home from any far flung destination.
At a special ceremony, Governor Abdul Haq Shafaq turned on 400 lampposts in the city on Thursday evening, his spokesman Ahmad Javed Baidar told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Fiscal depute Stuart Richardson told the hearing: "He must have been very drunk, because when he ran out of passersby he began to shout at the lampposts, similarly challenging them to 'have a go'.