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a metal post supporting an outdoor lamp (such as a streetlight)

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The lamppost, at the back of homes in Simmons Drive in Quinton, has been blamed by residents for rise in crime and anti-social behaviour in the area since it stopped working in 2011.
And when he finally ran out of passers-by he wagged his finger at the lamppost and shouted at it to "come and have a go".
It swerved across the lanes, taking out a lamppost and slammed into Sbarro.
There is no explanation at the moment as to why the van hit the lamppost.
The good examples include the improvements in some of the borough's public toilets, the way they produced a Rapid Reaction Team (RRT) to remove the unsightly lampposts on The Stray, and the way in which they demolished Leo's.
Police sealed off the area surrounding the lamppost, which had also acted as a bus stop, as there were fears the wires inside might still be.
The bus hit a lamppost on Mill Lane in Old Swan on Saturday Merseyside
The teenager who died when his car crashed into a lamppost on the weekend has been named by police.
ONE man has died and another man is seriously injured after the sports car they were travelling in smashed into a lamppost.
POLICE were last night quizzing three teenagers who left a pal dying in the wreckage of a stolen car after it ploughed into a lamppost.
POLICE cordoned off city centre streets after a man was seen swinging from the top of a 30ft lamppost.
A SOZZLED man who challenged a lamppost to a fight was yesterday described in court as "a modern day Don Quixote".
A YOUNG man who died when his car smashed into a lamppost has been named.
He said: "It was quite a bad leak underneath a lamppost but we had to wait for the electricity board to disconnect the lamppost before we could repair the leak.