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housing that holds a lamp (as in a movie projector)

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Above him three broken panes in the lamp housing showed dark like missing teeth.
Phasa provided one of its standard machine designs fitted with customised tooling for staking completed pairs of lamp housings (left and right), each having 37 staking positions with a cycle time of 25 seconds (Phasa equipment uses hot air to reform cold stakes for the assembly of thermoplastic components, and is capable of producing more than 200 riveted fixings in a single operation).
The fixture has a spun aluminum lamp housing and formed aluminum horizontal ballast housing.
The doors on the French pair go right back to the tail panel but a flared lamp housing on the Toyota has forced the door to be moved forward and that means it is not so easy to get into the back.
This is largely thanks to the Ryton polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) used for the lamp housing and screw-on retaining ring, says Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (CPChem), provider of the engineering thermoplastic.
The LEDs sport a 120-degree viewing angle and are designed with a water clear lamp housing in an industry-standard PLCC-2 type surface-mount package that is 1.
It is designed with a water clear lamp housing in an industry standard PLCC-2 type surface mount package that is only 1.
The BX41M industrial microscope's Y-shaped frame and smaller lamp housing free up desk space for the user.
ROOM WITH A VIEW: The old lamp housing allows the family an impressive view of Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters of Sussex
Zeta employs a 4 1/2 inch diameter cylinder, truncated at 45-degree angles on both sides, and attached to the wall by use of a hidden bracket inside the lamp housing.
The vehicle features new LED headlamps with a larger grille and revised fog lamp housing on a new bumper, Honda's latest infotainment system, which comes with satellite navigation, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
This vaporproof white LED light (VPLED-CRNM-LED10W) features a waterproof lamp housing constructed of corrosion and chemical resistant polycarbonate with a Pyrex globe, is USCG accepted, and NEMA 4X compliant and is suitable for hose-down areas.
The UV lamps can be removed from the lamp housing in a few simple steps.
This inspection should include the UV bulbs, lamp housing and reflector liners, as well as inspecting mercury relays, capacitors, contacts and other electrical components.
The iW3610's maximum operating frequency of 200kHz enables LED designers to use smaller size components to design driver boards that are small enough to fit inside existing bulb and lamp housing or inside fluorescent tubes.