lamp chimney

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a glass flue surrounding the wick of an oil lamp

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The lamp chimney is about three inches from the sheet iron or other metal subflooring (E).
In the course of an argument Husslebee took up a glass lamp chimney and flung it at Hill.
At times - seldom, really, but all the more memorable because of its rare appearance - the frisky "blue fox" of the poet's ludic moments, "the blue fox of your eyes," bounds across her somber landscape of grave searchings, fierce tenderness, and flaming anger, and leads her on to the rhythms of one of the loveliest and saddest love songs of this generation: "O, how I let myself tonight be torn by fruit / through the glass of the lamp chimney / the blue fox bounces / in the flames of the orange-trees" and leads the lovers "to the steep hedges / where I spread out my hair long like a death / for our lovemaking.
Like sprinkling a few grains of salt down an Aladdin lamp chimney to clear the soot off the mantle.
It is easy to rig an exhaust system from above the lamp chimney to the outside through a window during hot weather by using some stove pipe.