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inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse


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This was under control through medication and a strict diet - too much rich food is a cause of laminitis.
Both horses will have had trouble standing and walking as a result of their laminitis - which can be a very painful and serious condition.
Effective therapies for different stages of laminitis are scarce, due to lack of knowledge of the exact mechanism of development of the disease.
On the basis of previous works lacking detailed information, the present authors examined ruminal pH, blood pH, faecal pH and blood gas during subclinical laminitis in dairy cows with the aim of identifying any relationships among laminitis and those aforementioned physiological parameters in association to a suitable nutrition.
A spokeswoman said: "Like other stables, we have seen our horses put on quite a bit of weight due to all the grass, so we have had to keep an eye on them, particularly when it comes to laminitis.
Laminitis has a strong relationship with SARA and immunogens generated by the ingestion of high grain diets.
The other than parasitic, livestock diseases were Diarrhoea, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Calcium deficiency, Mastitis, Colic, Enterotoxaemia, Prolaps, Rheumatic fever, Milk fever, Newcastle disease, Retention of foetal membrane, Nasal discharge, Haemoraghic septicemia, An estrous, Laminitis, Strangles, Lactolith, Panting, Canine distemper, Indigestion, Paralysis, Allergy, Uterus pus, Loss of appetite , Tympany, Crop bound Condition, Teat stricture, , Rheumatism, Tail necrosis and gangrene, Black quarter , Fibrosis, Wound, Cough, String hault, Pneumonia, Sheep pox and Gid.
Ademas de arrojar resultados de T4T por debajo de los indices de normalidad; sin embargo, los signos anteriormente mencionados no fueron confirmados a traves de las investigaciones pues los caballos tiroidectomizados no desarrollaron obesidad, depositos anormales de tejidos adiposos o laminitis (Frank et al.
However, when RSPCA inspectors visited the couple's stables in Sadberge Lane, Middleton St George, they found two horses suffering from chronic foot disease laminitis, while another had severe dental problems.
Indicaciones--Esta cirugia se realiza con frecuencia en caballos con laminitis.
hard floors increase the risk of sub-clinical laminitis (Bergsten, 1994).
THE recent wet weather is leading to a flush of spring grass growth and now the vets at Donaldson's are braced for an outbreak in laminitis in the horse population.
In the case of a 'clean' break, a horse is open to the risk of laminitis - a condition affecting blood supply and resulting in severe pain - if supporting itself on its three good legs.
Por ejemplo, si el corion de la suela sufre un proceso inflamatorio severo como en la laminitis, puede separarse del tejido corneo, mas tarde este tejido vuelve a crecer produciendo una nueva suela, que se encuentra cubierta por la suela antigua aun no desprendida.
One of the key elements to keeping a horse healthy and free of colic and laminitis is maintaining a continuous process of hind gut fermentation.