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inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse


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The causes of laminitis include excessive carbohydrate consumption, hormonal imbalances, stress and trauma.
Laminitis is woefully common among native breeds and I fear this article may not help in the responsible management of these horses.
sWiss CROSs, who came within hours of losing his life after contracting laminitis last year, completed a fairytale comeback to land the feature 5f handicap under Paddy Aspell.
Earlier, Darlington Magistrates' Court heard that two of the animals were suffering from chronic laminitis, a foot disease which causes lameness and disability, while another had serious dental problems.
One of the key elements to keeping a horse healthy and free of colic and laminitis is maintaining a continuous process of hind gut fermentation.
These have supported non-invasive, scientific research programmes into conditions and diseases such as colic, laminitis, grass sickness and strangles.
The net result is an increase in acidosis, reductions in milk yield, lowering milk fat content and leading to problems with fertility, laminitis - in a month or two - and mastitis.
The funds will continue to support laminitis research, in addition to broader equine health and wellness-related research projects.
Apparently it's best to limit horses' intake of new grass or they get problems such as laminitis (see, I did watch All Creatures Grunt & Smell
Barbaro update: Doctors at the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center reported that Barbaro remained in stable condition as he recovers from a shattered right hind leg and laminitis in his left hind leg.
Many find conventional approaches are unable to address a variety of foot problems, especially laminitis or breakdown of the hoof wall.
The quiz which will include equestrian and general sport knowledge, is to raise money for the Laminitis Trust and it's vital research work.
Man is responsible for 'engineering' cows to produce such enormous quantities of milk that they invariably succumb to mastitis and laminitis and are worn out when only a fraction of the way through their natural lifespan.
Dynamite Marketing Horse Feed Supplements Can Support Horses With Laminitis
The Bob Baffert-trained fouryear-old, also narrowly beaten in the Belmont Stakes, was off the track for 11 months with lifethreatening bouts of colitis and laminitis.