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a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died)

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Aside from Frank Meyer, himself a former high-ranking American communist who plumped for a unifying "fusionism" to bridge the gaps between traditionalists and libertarians, not much in the way of even libertarian sympathies dwelled among the early National Review team of Burnham, Whittaker Chambers (another former Communist and lamenter of Western decline, most famous for fingering Alger Hiss as a fellow spy for the Russians), Willmoore Kendall (a Yale political science professor of Buckley's), and Russell Kirk (the supertraditionalist author of 1953's The Conservative Mind).
Des clubs ont fait de bonnes affaires mais d'autres peuvent se lamenter sur leur sort.
described liminal rites as mainly centred on the individual, it must be noted that a significant role in lamenting as a performance is, at least in a funeral or commemoration situation, played by the community as the audience whose presence and existence the lamenter consciously takes into account.
As in the Late Period lament cited earlier, at the death of her husband, the lamenter traditionally would sing "a lament for the self.
Through the labor of lament, energy is activated in the lamenter in ways that can go undetected or be distorted in consciousness.
Ce qui ne l'a pas empeche de se lamenter du retour tardif a l'entraEnement, Coupe du monde 2010 oblige, de ses huit internationaux allemands et trois neerlandais.
Its okay to buy "miracle" creams, but don't become a slave to consumerism and a lamenter of your lost youth.
Decu par l'issue finale de la partie, l'entraEneur du Nasria estime qu'il ne faut pas se lamenter qu'il faut continuer a travailler.
Kortner, "Une raison pour feter et non se lamenter," pp.
These lamenters typically decried the rationalizing ethos of Zivilisation (civilization) and Gesellschaft (society) that displaced a spiritually enriching Kultur (culture) and a spiritually binding Gemeinschaft (community).
Royal advisers--diviners, lamenters, and exorcists--became the bearers of wisdom and antediluvian knowledge and the mediators between humans and gods.
in part because of lamenters like John Manley (in Cohen 2-3), or Michael Ignatieff (most operatically in Saunders), or via the allusive economies of Stephen Slemons trenchant and suggestive ESC essay on the prospects for comparative literature, "Lament for a Notion.
Who these modern lamenters are one would like to know.
5) But most of the contributors to Steve Bruce's valuable collection, Religion and Modernization: Historians and Sociologists Debate the Secularization Thesis, for example, are more lamenters than either triumphalists or neutral observers.
The combination of Handel's astonishingly vivid, pictorial score and the compelling, urgent account of it by Paul McCreesh's Gabrieli Consort and Players proved irresistible almost up to the final moment; it was only a maudlin sequence of numbers mourning the defunct Saul which allowed impatience to set in, and wonderment at the hypocrisy of those lamenters who had had so much for which to hate the psychotic ruler (perhaps there was an element of drumming up support for the Georgian monarchy here).