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Synonyms for lameness

disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet

an imperfection or defectiveness

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Degree of lameness: Degree of lameness in control and OA groups was recorded using ordinal scoring system.
Lameness in ewes can result in reduced fertility and mothering ability, and affects lamb growth.
By assessing what constitutes "normal" gait in pigs, the team reveals how the system could be used to reduce lameness, improving health and welfare on farms, reducing costs and improving sustainability.
Sainsbury's has set ambitious goals to reduce cattle lameness to minimal levels by implementing, in co-operation with its producers, its Dairy Welfare Standard.
But all the incision lines of all the dogs of this group were reopened one after the other in the following weeks during lameness test.
The report highlighted the importance of allocating enough space for cattle movement when designing resting, feeding and walking areas and recommended that the genetic selection of dairy cows should address their resistance to diseases, such as lameness and mastitis, as well as improve their fertility, health and longevity.
More than 90 percent of lameness problems in cattle originate in the feet.
Ask for a repeat X-ray and examination if the lameness continues, though Bichon Frise, like many little dogs, can be little hypochondriacs.
As the blisters burst they leave ulcers which can cause lameness.
Off-and-on lameness is a common sign of degenerative joint disease," says Dr.
These include mastitis, diarrhoea, infertility and lameness.
Manual for treatment and control of lameness in cattle.
A 3-year-old castrated mixed breed dog was referred to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of North Carolina State University on December 21, 1999, with lethargy, anorexia, fever, occasional cough, and lameness in the right rear leg of 8 days' duration.
This new study, conducted on osteoarthritic dogs at Murray State University in Kentucky, and presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology in March in San Diego, showed that UC-II taken alone reduced overall pain by 62%, while painful limb movement and lameness decreased by 91% and 78%, respectively.
StepMetrix[TM] is a revolutionary, real-time diagnostic tool that enables effective lameness management.