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Synonyms for lameness

disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet

an imperfection or defectiveness

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The event, the cost of which is covered through the levy paid by farmers, will enable those in the dairy industry to translate research into ways of tackling the perennial problem of lameness.
A horse that suddenly displays signs of lameness, often walking with a Wobblers-like gait, may have an abscess within the hoof.
The Fords say lameness is one of the main challenges affecting their flock.
The lameness is still being investigated but, so far, the good news is that the scans are clear.
SHEEP farmers could reduce antibiotic treatments for lameness by as much as 92% within two years of implementing a farm-tested study to control disease within a "ock.
Intermittent lameness had forced Quinn to give the Cesarewitch at Newmarket, in which the five-year-old was second 12 months ago, a miss.
Created by Zinpro Corporation, in combination with the Beef Cattle Institute and Kansas State University, the Step-Up Management Program offers a orderly approach to recognize and manage beef cattle lameness.
The son of Lawman had been a leading fancy for last year's Qipco 2,000 Guineas before being ruled out through lameness, but bounced back to claim Royal Ascot victory only to finish last season with three poor runs.
Sheep lameness events A ROADSHOW gets underway this month focusing on sheep lameness.
Lameness and pain were measured on a weekly basis for 120 days (90 days treatment plus 30 days post-treatment).
Lameness in pigs can lead to them being destroyed and is a major cost on the farming industry.
It also said the incidence of endemic disease in dairy cows, particularly mastitis and lameness, should be reduced urgently.
of Georgia) and contributors have distilled some material contributed to Adams and Stashak's Lameness in Horses, Sixth Edition.
Cracker was offered lifetime sanctuary by the Horse Trust after suffering stiffness and intermittent lameness caused by a recent operation to cure a condition known as 'kissing spine'.
Baxter of ADAMS & STASHAK'S LAMENESS IN HORSES (9780813815497, $174.