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Synonyms for lamellibranch

marine or freshwater mollusks having a soft body with platelike gills enclosed within two shells hinged together


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Whereas lamellibranch bivalves typically have siphons or highly modified, siphon-like portions of the mantle tissue edge and a pair of shell valves to direct water into the mantle cavity and to adjust the rate of inflow, calyptraeid gastropods have no siphons and only a single shell valve.
The structure of the latero-frontal cirri on the gills of certain lamellibranch molluscs and their role in suspension feeding.
On the structure and significance of some aberrant forms of lamellibranch gills.
The scaphopod velum has been homologized with the lamellibranch bivalve velum.
The effects of acidic seawater on three species of lamellibranch mollusc.
An unsuspected source of error in studies of particle transport by lamellibranch gill cilia.
Electrophysiological properties of resting secretory membranes of lamellibranch mantles.
As is typical of lamellibranch gills, the frontal region is composed of frontal, laterofrontal, and lateral ciliated cells; a central blood vessel; and supporting connective tissue.
The "left-right phenomenon"; sorting of lamellibranch valves on sandy beaches.