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chop cut from a lamb

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Here, Lambchop performed as a trio, with Tony Crow on grand piano, Matt Swanson on bass and Wagner centre stage.
Lambchop Creative specialises in designing logos - and has worked for some world-renowned companies, including Hilton, Nicholas Deakins and Just-Eat.
On the first night, after flying to Liguria in a private jet so Lambchop could travel in the cabin, rather than the hold, they almost moved out of the hotel when their pooch found the bed too high to jump onto.
Check it out if you like: Leonard Cohen, Glen Campbell's work with Jimmy Webb ("Wichita Lineman"), and the late outsider folkie and Lambchop collaborator Vic Chesnutt, to whom Mr.
He pulled up sticks shortly thereafter and resettled in Nashville, where he was befriended by Kurt Wagner, frontman of the chamber country group Lambchop.
The first Flat Stanley classic adventure was published in 1964 and featured a young boy called Stanley Lambchop who is flattened by his noticeboard, leaving him just one-a-half inches thick.
Meryl Streep: Nominee Torn Cruise: Valkyrie Leo DiCaprio: Iceberg Jodie Foster: Lambchop
1 Lambchop, OH (Ohio) (City Slang) From the first listen--oh (love).
Fitting this concept to their school curriculum, ABQ students made their own versions of Flat Stanley, renamed Flat Sa'ad to make him truly Omani, and sent him, along with a fact file, 'passport' and a letter from his mother, Mrs Lambchop, to their counterparts in Scotland.
used to shape a mixture of minced meat, spices, onion & egg into shape of lambchop or drumstick, etc.
vocals on "Valentine"), Paul Niehaus of Lambchop and Calexico (steel guitar), and Deanna Varagona of Lambchop (baritone sax).
If I may be so bold, you should be aware that there are very disconcerting rumors swirling that Snowball has not really run away to plot in a cave with the two-legs; and that Chicken Little came down with a lot more than just a touch of the bird flu; and that poor old Boxer is not really recuperating at the vet's; and that Lambchop has become just that; and that Bessie is lately a burger.
So she moved from New York to a small apartment - ``knee-to-knee,'' as she calls it - where she lives with her husband of three months, Paul Oscher, a blues musician, and her white pit bull, Lambchop.
Listeners will hear everything from Johnny Cash to Lambchop, Calexico and The Handsome Family.