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Alliss is an unfailingly interesting, eccentric, non-PC commentator and Millington should applaud rather than lambast him.
Should I do the fashionable thing and lambast and maybe sue the medical team that tried their level best to prolong my life?
MATT Kelly was wrong to lambast the BBC for plugging BBC Online on the television (The Mirror, November 17).
He lambasts the media for being fascinated with opinion polls that show how ignorant the public is.
In his column he applauds the woman who was accused of lying to get her child a place at a coveted school, but then lambasts certain MPs for throwing their principles in the bin (Birmingham Mail, July 9).
In a readable and passionately-argued book, Soros lambasts Bush for domestic policies which favour the rich but fail to provide basic welfare for the poor, and for a foreign policy which is wreaking havoc the world over.
Spanish referee Luis Medina Canatalejo blows for half-time in Kiev and Arsene Wenger storms on to the pitch and lambasts him over how much injury-time he played.