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Synonyms for lamb

a pure, uncorrupted person

a person who is easily deceived or victimized

Words related to lamb

English essayist (1775-1834)

a person easily deceived or cheated (especially in financial matters)

Related Words

a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child)

the flesh of a young domestic sheep eaten as food

give birth to a lamb

References in classic literature ?
He walked over to Colin's sofa and put the new-born lamb quietly on his lap, and immediately the little creature turned to the warm velvet dressing-gown and began to nuzzle and nuzzle into its folds and butt its tight-curled head with soft impatience against his side.
There now," and he pushed the rubber tip of the bottle into the nuzzling mouth and the lamb began to suck it with ravenous ecstasy.
By the time the lamb fell asleep questions poured forth and Dickon answered them all.
It was a weak bleatin' an' I knowed it was a new lamb as was hungry an' I knowed it wouldn't be hungry if it hadn't lost its mother somehow, so I set off searchin'.
Lamb, but if you should come, I don't think I shall have the heart to send you away.
See if the Lambs don't say, `What a lively, nice creature that Jo March is
But wot else is it, my lambs, as they sometimes ketches in rivers?
Leastways, lambs,' said Riderhood, observing him out of the corners of his eyes, 'that's wot I my own self sometimes ketches in rivers.
I ask your pardon, learned governor,' said Riderhood, smearing his sleeve across his mouth as he laughed with a relish, 'tain't fair to the lambs, I know.
Wishing to see at my Lock up the river, the person as we've spoke of, and as you've answered for, I takes my leave of the lambs and of their learned governor both.
Thou forgettest, however, Ben-Levi," replied Abel-Phittim, "that the Roman Pompey, who is now impiously besieging the city of the Most High, has no assurity that we apply not the lambs thus purchased for the altar, to the sustenance of the body, rather than of the spirit.
The early lamb mortality eventually reduces the mutton production in country and accounts greater loss to the meat industry.
Both Francesco Mazzei and Imran Nathoo have used underrated cuts in their cooking, proving to consumers that Welsh lamb is a contemporary and versatile choice.
Ensure labelling clearly states the origin of lamb, with the PGI status of Welsh Lamb clearly highlighted.
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee chairman Neil Parish urged ministers to bring this to the attention of UK supermarkets, saying they should not be "packed" with New Zealand lamb.