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in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy

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The new dicastery will replace the Pontifical Council for the Laity and the Pontifical Council for the Family, and will be joined by the Pontifical Academy for Life, the pope said.
A quick look through parish websites reveals that there are many and varied opportunities for the laity to contribute to the spiritual and physical life of their parish.
For more about Laity Lodge and The High Calling of Our Daily Work, visit www.
I agree the laity will have to play a bigger role in day-to-day running of parishes and in many places this is already happening.
It is an exaggeration--but not much of one--to say that the role of the laity in the Catholic Church has changed more in the last 75 years than the last 750.
Excerpts from the Interview with Mark Laity, Chief for NATO Strategic Communications)
One of the most touted shibboleths among Protestants is that of the "priesthood of all believers," a slogan which Wengert sees, with good reason, as a license for pining laity against clergy and vice versa.
The Transformation of the Laity in Bergamo, 1265-c.
of Manitoba) examines the connection between social mores and religious activities among the laity in the Italian dioceses of Bergamo during the period in order to clarify the experience of lay people within the medieval Christian church.
Neither the laity nor the clergy seems to leave rich sources regarding contraceptive use that turn up in any of the many archives that Tentler visited.
In this personal memoir of pastoral life--surely one of the most interesting genres of church history--Killinger exposed the fault lines in theological education, eviscerated pastoral predecessors who were little more than power-mongering CEOs, laughed with clergy colleagues at the petulance of the laity, sympathized with clergy who were trapped in dead-end pastorates, opined that some of the best people he had known had been capable of some of the most dastardly deeds, identified the bottom line of budgets as the governing power in local churches, suggested that bungee jumping will one day be regarded by anthropologists as a symbol of our entertainment-starved culture, and enumerated the never-ending tasks of a local church pastor.
The hierarchy's keen (and historically repetitive) observance of a "too little, too late" response to the pastoral dilemma on the contraception issue not only created the well-documented divide between the laity and clergy, but perhaps even more devastatingly, also created a divide between the hierarchy and its parish priests.
There were sixty of us from thirteen English-speaking nations, including a handful of mostly North American laity.
In its commitment to educating the laity, the college offers a diploma in lay leadership.