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Synonyms for lair

Synonyms for lair

a place used as an animal's dwelling

a hiding place

Synonyms for lair

the habitation of wild animals


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The monkeys dragged him into the Cold Lairs late in the afternoon, and instead of going to sleep, as Mowgli would have done after a long journey, they joined hands and danced about and sang their foolish songs.
All that while the fight with Baloo went on, and the monkeys yelled in the tank round Bagheera, and Mang the Bat, flying to and fro, carried the news of the great battle over the jungle, till even Hathi the Wild Elephant trumpeted, and, far away, scattered bands of the Monkey-Folk woke and came leaping along the tree-roads to help their comrades in the Cold Lairs, and the noise of the fight roused all the day birds for miles round.
Then Kaa opened his mouth for the first time and spoke one long hissing word, and the far-away monkeys, hurrying to the defense of the Cold Lairs, stayed where they were, cowering, till the loaded branches bent and crackled under them.
Are we all armed, as we were on that night when first we visited our enemy's lair.
But the Wild is the Wild, and motherhood is motherhood, at all times fiercely protective whether in the Wild or out of it; and the time was to come when the she-wolf, for her grey cub's sake, would venture the left fork, and the lair in the rocks, and the lynx's wrath.
We were at last forced to the belief that he would not sleep while the other occupants of the lair slept, and so cast about in our minds for some scheme whereby we might trick him.
Soon Goro will be devoured by Numa and we shall have no more light after Kudu seeks his lair.
Council chiefs said staff had tried to repair the lair after it partly collapsed due to digging nearby.
Lair is a retired army veteran with a 25-year career in the airborne infantry and combat experience in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and a stint in Cyprus.
Interment in a family lair costs pounds 420, up from pounds 380.
If you convince your puppy you are his retrieving lair, he will happily bring you retrieved prey, namely retrieving dummies and birds.
Turner Lair Christopher Walken Jason Lair Josh Lucas Henry Lair Michael Caine Katrina Glenne Headly Zach Jonah Bobo
Key words: ringed seal, Phoca hispida, predation, birth lairs, climate change, polar bear, Ursus maritimus
Luckily he was caught before any of the lairs were needed.
Thomson was buried in the same lair, joined by his widow, Jane Nicholson, in 1889.