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Laird is at the forefront of making our world a more connected place with wireless connectivity solutions that allow billions of consumer and commercial mobile devices to connect anywhere and anytime, said Jonathan Kaye, Product Director, Laird Connectivity Solutions.
Newell Brands Inc (NYSE: NWL) announced on Tuesday the appointment of Fiona Laird as executive vice president and chief human resources and communications officer, effective immediately.
Laird thought the tweets were funny at first then saw messages calling him a "filthy old beast" and a "known paedophile".
Laird will hold a 51% stake in the company, for which it will pay GBP20.
From the wooden vessels of the 19th century to the present day, Cammell Laird has made its mark in history.
Laird Son & Co developed out of the Birkenhead Iron Works business established by William Laird and Daniel Horton in 1824.
Prosecutor Edward Renvoize said Laird, of Bradshaw Avenue, Honley, was carrying a baseball bat and demanding to see Mrs Smith's son.
They bought Laird a BMX bike and gave him a replica of Oz's medals.
If the 54-year-old Laird is full of wonder at the response from friends and family since he broke his neck in two places in a mountain biking accident May 23, those who know him are just as surprised at his recovery, even if he's just learning how to walk again.
With Honor: Melvin Laird in War, Peace, and Politics.
FORMER local council boss Christine Laird would never have got the job if she had disclosed her history of depressive illness, the High Court heard yesterday.
And Christine Laird's concerns about leaks and breaches of confidentiality were "understandable", said solicitor and former executive Patrick Brady, who advised Cheltenham Borough Council during its bitter row with Mrs Laird over her fitness to do the job.
Councillors in Cheltenham agreed to suspend Christine Laird, who earns about pounds 75,000 a year, following allegations about her behaviour.
Friday was coming, and she knew Andrew would be coming to call, her daughter Joyce Laird said.