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having lost your job

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Three main issues were tackled: the fabrication of charges for labour leaders; the issue of laid-off journalists; and legal insights into the recent decision by the High Administrative Courtto force striking workers into retirement as well as the new Civil Service Law.
Even with the subsidy, though, many laid-off workers are still likely to have trouble keeping their health care coverage, local Teamsters representative Stefan Ostrach said.
Shame on Congress for leaving us with an unemployment insurance program that covers only a little more than a third of the laid-off.
Because it was a start-up, we had a lot of creative input," says laid-off playback operator Meyer.
For payments made to workers involuntarily terminated, the court concluded that the laid-off employees were not performing any service for the employer.
an investment brokerage firm specializing in retirement investments, has launched its user friendly online Retirement Plan Rollover website for the thousands of laid-off employees who seek an efficient and easy way to rollover their 401(k), TSP, 403(b), and 457 funds.
You don't want to refer to the laid-off people as the only people affected by layoffs, because everybody is affected," asserts Joel Brockher.
While these techniques may seem self-evident, they can be incredibly important to the recovery of those laid-off and the ultimate health of the firm.
Try to emphasize the positives, such as the job counselling or relocation assistance being offered to the laid-off employee, and use the opportunity to encourage employees to participate in ways of increasing productivity or generating new business leads.
In addition, the OneStop Center will open an office in July in Graniteville as a specific response to help laid-off employees with career counseling and other assistance programs.
9 million grant to help 651 laid-off Hynix workers retrain for positions in health care and information technology industries.
For an even more radical change, they can start their own company - an option favored by 65 percent of laid-off Southern California workers, according to a recent study by Irvine-based Right Management Consultants.
The biweekly or monthly payments to laid-off employees were SUCBs, not subject to FICA or RRTA.
Laid-off workers may receive up to 26 weeks of unemployment compensation (UC) benefits.
TAA would allow our laid-off members and thousands like them across the service sector to move into new careers, minimizing the potential for long-term dependence on government assistance.