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Synonyms for laid-back

Synonyms for laid-back

unconstrained by rigid standards or ceremony

Synonyms for laid-back

unhurried and relaxed


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There are certain aspects of Shaggy I cannot change: the screechy voice, his laid-back, sardonic attack, the whole Casey Kasem attitude that is Shaggy,'' Thorstad said.
With Mellow in the foot bed, premium materials and style all around thanks to unique color and material combinations ranging from military camo to blue chambray to black mesh, the Getaway is the new choice for laid-back comfort.
Sjobeck's vision of the Malibu lifestyle is portrayed through a laid-back luxury collection that is both red-carpet-ready and perfect for a party at the beach house.
The injuries end Holder's chance of defending his world title and also rule him out of captaining Australia in this month's World Cup, but Middleditch said: "Dare I say Chris is as laid-back as ever, he's fairly philosophical about it although he's in a great deal of pain, and the hospital did a great job in looking after him and making him comfortable.
Yet Swansea team-mate Dyer is confident laid-back Michu will rediscover his goalscoring touch, starting against Champions League chasing Tottenham today.
TAI Woffinden insists he's deadly serious about his speedway - despite a laid-back attitude.
com/products/market_update/DMDM/63) discusses the challenges faced by YouTube with respect to competing services, hosting of copyrighted content and its laid-back attitude towards monetizing its leading position.
Imagine a laid-back hollyhock and you'llhave a pretty good idea of lavatera (more specifically, Lavatera trimestris).
IF GERARD HOULLIER wasn't such a laid-back character, the Liverpool dressing room would have been ankle deep with broken china.
The opening scene portrays a laid-back 1990s chit-chat confession.
Pair it with a seventies hippy dress for a laid-back holiday look - or team it with head-to-toe body con black to give a cool ensemble a pop of colour.
Living in Southern California, while we perceive it as a laid-back lifestyle, for many people it is extremely distressful because of the economy and environmental demands,'' said Craig Finney, chairman of the Leisure Studies Department at California State University, Northridge.
Screenings and parties are held in three of South Africa's most distinct cities (bustling Johannesburg, laid-back Cape Town, and exotic Durban).
Tuscany's trademark rolling hills and laid-back lifestyle represent the Italy that weary souls often dream of.
In response to Tussauds Studios Design team's concept, O'Donnells, who are based in County Cork, produced furniture that had to capture the rustic charm of the site's public lagoon area and the laid-back Caribbean feel of driftwood-look furniture.