laid low

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put out of action (by illness)


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Hillary was last week laid low by pneumonia, recalling the darkest days as president of her husband Bill, laid low by new Monica.
He came off the bench in a 3-0 loss at Brighton but has now been laid low by another knock just when it looked like his Bees career was finally getting started.
The Bulmans were laid low by a gastric bug on what should have been a dream break at the Sharm Plaza resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
Especially as this time last year he was laid low with illness.
YES, we have the mighty Kauto Star to ignite our passions, and we also have the fighting spirit that is AP McCoy, but how great to see the little terrier that is Celestial Halo, giving lumps of weight away, forge away up that punishing run-in at Newbury in the unforgiving mud, ears bent back, head laid low, determined, thrusting for a victory that he would not be denied.
Newcastle owner Mike Ashley would not agree to his wage demands, the reporter told us, because he wanted the club's finances to be in tune with those of a Geordie Nation laid low by recession.
Summary: The Indian economy won't be laid low by SARS, but that doesn't mean it will be wholly immune to the virus either.
MATT Wells was denied the opportunity of a second rowing world cup gold medal of the season when his double sculls partner Stephen Rowbotham was laid low by a stomach virus yesterday.
A great multi-faithed democracy has been laid low by terrorists," - Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Hands up if you have been laid low by a cold/flu/sore throat yet.
Those laid low have now been isolated at the Lakin Road site.
Black guided Wilkinson through three tortuous years as the England fly-half was laid low by a succession of injuries following the 2003 World Cup.
Strettle, from Warrington, spent several days in hospital last week for rehydration treatment after being laid low by a stomach virus that affected several England players and has still not totally relented.
Operating a crusher involves using strong machinery powered by plentiful energy, but even the strongest machines can be laid low by nuisance complaints.
From the economics of plague treatments and differences in class and social experience to reform movements sparked by epidemics, EPIDEMICS LAID LOW traces the battles, concepts, and theories which influenced treatment courses and who survived.