laid low

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put out of action (by illness)


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On a healthy autumn day; when the golden fields had been reaped and ploughed again, when the summer fruits had ripened and waned, when the green perspectives of hops had been laid low by the busy pickers, when the apples clustering in the orchards were russet, and the berries of the mountain ash were crimson among the yellowing foliage.
And I remember you said that night, sitting there as I sat here--said that night when your peace of mind was first laid low, that you had taken an interest in these very affairs.
Many a young partridge who strutted complacently among the stubble, with all the finicking coxcombry of youth, and many an older one who watched his levity out of his little round eye, with the contemptuous air of a bird of wisdom and experience, alike unconscious of their approaching doom, basked in the fresh morning air with lively and blithesome feelings, and a few hours afterwards were laid low upon the earth.
They stood round the bull with the barley-meal in their hands, and Agamemnon prayed, saying, "Jove, most glorious, supreme, that dwellest in heaven, and ridest upon the storm-cloud, grant that the sun may not go down, nor the night fall, till the palace of Priam is laid low, and its gates are consumed with fire.
That image is shattered, and that idol is laid low.
It was unbearable to contemplate the possibility of Ransome, the housekeeper of the ship, being laid low.
Once when various tropical diseases had laid low almost every'agent' in the station, he was heard to say, 'Men who come out here should have no entrails.
The Bulmans were laid low by a gastric bug on what should have been a dream break at the Sharm Plaza resort in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
Especially as this time last year he was laid low with illness.
YES, we have the mighty Kauto Star to ignite our passions, and we also have the fighting spirit that is AP McCoy, but how great to see the little terrier that is Celestial Halo, giving lumps of weight away, forge away up that punishing run-in at Newbury in the unforgiving mud, ears bent back, head laid low, determined, thrusting for a victory that he would not be denied.
Newcastle owner Mike Ashley would not agree to his wage demands, the reporter told us, because he wanted the club's finances to be in tune with those of a Geordie Nation laid low by recession.
Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni got laid low after eating a bowl of mussels before the big match against Argentina.
Summary: The Indian economy won't be laid low by SARS, but that doesn't mean it will be wholly immune to the virus either.
Robb incurred the wrath of his missus in Dubai by slogging it out but on reporting back for pre-season was soon laid low by the virus.
MATT Wells was denied the opportunity of a second rowing world cup gold medal of the season when his double sculls partner Stephen Rowbotham was laid low by a stomach virus yesterday.