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reduce to lay status


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A laicized priest remains a priest just as a Catholic who gets a legal divorce still is married in terms of the covenant.
A spokesman confirmed Mr Harris would not be able to marry in a church until he has been laicized.
He resigned from his parish, but was never officially laicized and remained a priest up until his death ten years later.
If it is indeed the case that the Restored Church was characterized by a highly providentialistic view of its times that gave rise to an intense and distinctive piety, this would seem to provide one more nail in the coffin of the view of the English Civil War as the first modern revolution that ushered in the brave new world characterized by, among other things, an erastian national church in a secularized and laicized modem society.
Our clients and we believe the perpetrators should be laicized (permanent removal from the priesthood) either voluntarily or by the Church instituting actual court procedures under Canon law.
Ordained as a priest of the Boston Archdiocese, Shanley was laicized in 2004.
IN LATE JUNE, FORMER archbishop Jozef Wesolowski became the first papal nuncio to be laicized after being accused of sexually abusing minors.
Another diocesan priest, Thomas Teczar, was laicized in 2011.
In 1906, the Combes government, with a number of Freemason ministers, laicized French education and expelled the French religious orders.
Technically a laicized priest is not supposed to perform any kind of public ministry in his parish, such as lector or Eucharistic minister, though local practice varies.
Displaying disdain for what he portrays as their unswervingly disingenuous tactics, he underscores how their ecclesiology conveniently preserved clerical privilege (20) at a time when the Evangelicals' "overwhelmingly laicized mode of religious life" (57) threatened it.
Whereas Holbein generally followed Marchant's traditional scheme of an almost even mix of clerical and lay archetypes, Glissenti almost completely laicized this program.
These structural changes have been matched with a few hopeful actions: Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Miranda of Ayacucho, Peru, was laicized in July 2013 for sexually abusing a young girl.
Flanagan, is the first diocesan priest to be laicized or removed from the priesthood.