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reduce to lay status


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Glissenti's own version of the Dance of Death in the fourteenth novella (in Book Three), not only radically laicizes the traditional scheme found in Marchant or Holbein, but also pitches the encounter between Death and his victims in a markedly professional framework.
McManus, who had lobbied Vatican authorities to laicize Mr.
In Great Britain, the editor of the Catholic monthly Christian Order writes that the bishops of England, Scotland, and Wales do not study the successful dioceses, and that, "by suppressing orthodoxy in general and discriminating against orthodox vocations to the priesthood, the Modernists create a shortage of priests; they then present the shortage as a fair accompli requiring the introduction of strategies to laicize the clergy and democratize the Church.
Almost certainly the Church will not laicize him; it would be an extremely rare exception if she did.
Delisle said, the local diocese formally petitioned the Vatican to laicize - defrock-Mr.