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an avalanche of volcanic water and mud down the slopes of a volcano

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Channon said: "I trained the dam Lady Lahar and she had an awful lot of ability.
Strictly on the figures, she is only rated inferior to Mick Channon's Miss Lahar but that one will be having her fourth run inside five weeks and might just feel it a bit.
Lahar Mehta co-authored the study, which was based on research led by Dr.
When they melt, they can add water to a pyroclastic flow, creating what is called a lahar, which is essentially a high-speed, very hot mudslide that is as dense as concrete.
Then we'll take them to a river to watch cold lahar flood past," he added, referring to volcanic debris.
Bulusan in Northern Philippines's Sorsogon province of an imminent threat of lahar flows after heavy rains poured Monday evening, local newspaper Philippine Daily Inquirer reported Tuesday.
The resolution of Mufti Kifayatullah of JUI-F for provision of the supply of natural gas to union councils of Paghal included Hamstarian, Dhaudial, Baffa, Shinkiyari, Inayatabad, Bhar Kand, Sam Elahi Mang, Bajna, Tarangari Sabir Shah, Malikpur, Afzal abad, Lahar Kot and Sande Sar was also adopted unanimously.
Lahar (Eds), The Migration Reader: Exploring Politics and Policies, Lynnc Rienner Publishers, London, 2006
Harold ``Hal'' Lahar, twice the coach at Colgate University after a brief career as a pro player, died Monday in Dallas at age 84.
If a lahar occurs, sensors that can detect vibrations produced by speeding debris flows would set off an alarm system of sirens and radio, Internet, and TV broadcasts.
Lahar and other volcanic deposits buried many villages and towns in its path during the rainy season, including hectares of rice fields, houses and churches.
As expected Lady Lahar trotted up at 9-2 on for Mick Channon and Tony Culhane in the Fillies Condition Stakes.
Compton Bolter and Sugarfoot go into battle for Britain in the Godolphin Mile while No Excuse Needed, Prizeman and Lady Lahar take up the challenge in the UAE Derby.
But a lahar flow, triggered by earthquakes could be far more lethal to towns and cities.