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a body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral


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The technical staff at Laguna Clay Company wanted to deal proactively with these inaccuracies and the Ceramics Technical editor Elaine Henry, was quick to provide a forum for our presentation, which we will make as short and lively as possible.
Laguna also had a proud family legacy of service and sacrifice as an example.
It has something of an aggressive stance about it but, in reality, the Laguna is all about quality and pace.
The transaction is value-enhancing both for Kingsgate and Laguna shareholders.
Members of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoy every aspect of Laguna and with a health kick induction process, Laguna aims to help all members right from the start with one to one sessions and personalised exercise programmes to get the results you want.
Just the look of the GT is enough to make potential Laguna buyers shell pounds 22,000 rather than settle for a more basic model.
The 90s also saw the Laguna in the British Touring Car Championship, a challenge which brought the trophy to Renault in 1997.
Everything about New Laguna has been designed for genuine driving pleasure, combining outstanding ride quality and comfort with topclass handling performance.
Renault has cited not only cost benefits but the fact that the Laguna 2 platform gave the engineers a good starting point for the new car.
Palabras clave: Laguna Cuyutlan, salinas artesanales, pesqueria artesanal, historia.
2-seed Rebels (24-4) entered with a 16-game winning streak, but they trailed the entire game against top-seed Laguna Hills.
Laguna by Michael Putegnat is a vividly written and gripping novel of Laguna Madre native John Magne and the transformation of his delicate homeland and ranching town into a national reserve and high-priced natural gas field.
BDI Laguna, a total solutions provider supplying leading-edge products to the nation's most successful retailers, has leased 65,000 s/f at Meadowlands Distribution Center, 350 Starke Rd.
has the charm and Miami has the scene, but if you're talking beauty, those homo East Coast enclaves are distant runners-up to Laguna Beach, Calif.
Irvine, CA-based Laguna Tools opened a storefront on eBay World's Online Marketplace: www.