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Synonyms for lagoon

Synonyms for lagoon

a body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral


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Across the lagoon Raoul could see approaching the ominous line of the puff of wind.
Then came the rain out of the distance, advancing with the roar of a gale of wind and causing the water of the lagoon to smoke in driven windrows.
The tropic rain sheeted about them so that they could see only the beach under their feet and the spiteful little waves from the lagoon that snapped and bit at the sand.
The hot sun was blazing down, and the lagoon was once more a mirror.
He called to one new arrival, a woman with a nursing babe in her arms, and in answer received the information that her house had just been swept into the lagoon.
This was the highest spot of land in miles, and already, in many places on either hand, the great seas were making a clean breach of the slender ring of the atoll and surging into the lagoon.
A sea breached across the atoll, wetting him to the knees ere it subsided into the lagoon.
He saw a brown shoulder and a black head silhouetted against the churning white of the lagoon.
It had been torn from its foundations, and wind and sea were heaving and shoving it toward the lagoon.
The head of the tree, with three sailors of the Aorai and the old captain sailed off over the lagoon.
Mapuhi rose to the surface of the lagoon, still clutching his daughter Ngakura.
It was ten miles across the lagoon to the farther ring of sand.
I also frequently observed in the lagoon near the Botanic Garden, where the water is only a little less salt than in the sea, a species of hydrophilus, very similar to a water-beetle common in the ditches of England: in the same lake the only shell belonged to a genus generally found in estuaries.
For the few last miles the road was intricate, and it passed through a desert waste of marshes and lagoons.
So, if you wish to go over the cavern and make the round of the lagoon, you must take advantage of to-day, M.