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a small gift (especially one given by a merchant to a customer who makes a purchase)

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Meanwhile, in hot, humid New Orleans, the concept called lagniappe continues to make life a little better on a personal level.
A bit of lagniappe (a Louisiana expression for a little something extra) delivered along with your release may get more attention than a release alone.
New Orleans - Lagniappe Travel Services has been providing individualized service to corporate accounts worldwide since 1987, and has a 97 percent client retention rate because of the tailored service they offer each account.
The new entity, Lagniappe Labs, federates large volumes of private company information from many difficult to acquire sources.
Metropolitan recovered the 89-unit project from Lagniappe Development Inc.
The day before the wedding, the bride and groom hosted a round-robin tennis tournament for guests at the famed tennis resort Later that evening the groom's parents hosted the families and wedding party for a rehearsal dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe, overlooking spectacular views of the Destin harbor.
The second half of the book is devoted to many recipes, with color photos, drawn from the monthly fisheries newsletter, Lagniappe, published by Jerald.
And as a little lagniappe (a little something extra) this summer, restaurants around the greater New Orleans area have joined together to present We Live to Eat Dinners.
Of course you'll have your standard safety gear, but you'll want a little lagniappe offshore.
Geof has a class-C driver's license, but this is just lagniappe.
As a bit of lagniappe (something extra, as New Orleans folks Nevada Barr say), Barr adds interstitial musings about well-known murders throughout history that are so stone-cold they could make Hannibal Lector blanch in fear.
Following Christopher Gilbert's upbeat "Now," the final poem in the seventh section, comes the editor's lagniappe, or unexpected bonus: "Nikky Finney Interviews Lucille Clifton.
Throughout the Convention, attendees should be on the lookout for their lagniappe, that little something extra everyone finds in New Orleans.
Robbie Burns, successful at Fairyhouse with Ennistown Lady on Wednesday, saddled Lagniappe to spring a 25-1 surprise on her jumping debut in the second division of the two-mile maiden hurdle.
Chandos has provided the customer with a considerable lagniappe on the CD release too: sandwiched between sides 1&2 of the original record is a majority of the selections appearing on Vintage Parade.