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Synonyms for lagging

not progressing and developing as fast as others, as in economic and social aspects

Words related to lagging

used to wrap around pipes or boilers or laid in attics to prevent loss of heat

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The lagging issue is then felt when users try some nav bar actions or simply tap the home button.
Increased productivity by delivering increased traction between the conveyor belt and pulley, allowing for lower belt tension than with rubber lagging.
Flex-Lag Medium Ceramic pulley lagging can be used in dry, wet or muddy applications where slippage can occur, while also offering the excellent wear life of ceramic tiles at an affordable cost.
The disparity between the two areas as lagging and leading regions is so sharp that these seem to be anchored in two different centuries.
The Arrowhead ceramic lagging solves the problems of belt slippage and pulley lagging wear, according to the company's two-page bulletin.
Price discovery of real estate investment has been getting lots of attentions from researchers and it is generally believed that lagging errors exist in appraisal-based returns of commercial real estate investments, in comparison to other investment instruments traded in the stock market.
As an example, he noted that in the pharmaceutical sector, New Jersey continues to lose jobs to Massachusetts and California because it is lagging in top-ranked colleges and universities and advanced degrees.
achieved East Asia/Pacific achieved on track achieved Latin America/Caribbean lagging on track achieved South Asia on track lagging lagging Sub-Saharan Africa reversal reversal lagging WORLD on track lagging lagging Access to Access to Region Child Mortality Water Sanitation Arab States lagging n.
He said: "The lagging was in poor condition and created dust.
The Service, drawing on Unisys expertise in consulting and integration and heritage in technological innovation, is designed to address the problem of mission-critical applications lagging behind the pace of business change.
The following three articles found on the web are particularly important in relation to the puzzle; Fan Dainian, "A Discussion on Reasons for China's Lagging behind in Science", Liu Dun, "A New Survey of the Needham Question" and Nathan Sivin, "Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Take Place in China--or Did It?
That forced frequent downtime to replace shredded sections of belts or blown pulley lagging.
Besides problems with technology, respondents say their current measurement systems are: not aligned with strategic business objectives; reliant on lagging performance indicators; poorly integrated with other information (internal and external); and far too dependent on financial measures.
Pipes in an outside toilet and pipes leading to garden taps also need lagging.