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a camp defended by a circular formation of wagons

a general term for beer made with bottom fermenting yeast (usually by decoction mashing)

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The word lager comes from the German for storeroom, something to do with lagers being stored in cold temperatures for a while before they are released.
We've all had our share of Sam Adams Boston Lager over the years, but it has become such a part of the landscape that it's been awhile since our tasters evaluated the beer on its merits.
Probably the best lager in the world" - well that's what the company says.
Busch Signature Lager is available in 12-pack 12-ounce bottles, six-pack 16-ounce cans and 25-ounce cans.
Caption: A warden at the gaol in Divundu, Opheni Mwayanale has been chosen by the people to act as a judge to find this year's Windhoek Lager Ambassador in the Business category.
Unfortunately, with the wide variety of real ales we already produce, our capacity for producing the lager is limited so that we've had to open a waiting list of those pubs who want to serve it.
We also plan to cross promote Wrexham Lager on a range of merchandise, and we are also delighted that the famous brew will be available on match days inside the ground.
6% abv lager launched in the on-trade last year, called for better category management.
DRINKERS can once again enjoy a pint of Wrexham Lager after the famous brand was relaunched yesterday - a decade after its demise.
The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, started by Maria von Trapp, matriarch of the family whose story inspired "The Sound of Music," and Johannes von Trapp, the couple's youngest son, has expanded to offer Trapp Lager and Trapp Microbrewery.
Yet that may change as black lager tries to overtake our favourite stout in Britain.
Staffordshire based Freedom Brewery are soon to launch their fourth brew, and they want to give one Post reader the chance to name it, and win a whole year's supply* of their lager as a thank you.
And since that heady day, lager has lapped over the North Sea and the English Channel with such force that it has overtaken traditional British ales as the drink of choice.
How will Australians react to roster's tampering with an icon as Crown Lager debuts in aluminum bottles?
Lager brewers add another dose of hops at the end of the boil to boost aroma.