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a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench


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1] He recommended that the lag screw of PFN should be placed in the lower part of the femoral neck close to the femoral calcar with screw tip reaching the subchondral bone 5 to 10 mm below the articular cartilage in antero-posterior view.
The group then moved to the workshop area where the participants were given the hands on chance to practice lag screw fixation and dynamic compression plating.
The next day the patient was operated on where the fracture was fixed with a third-generation short Gamma nail (Stryker, Kalamzoo, USA), using a set screw to control rotation of the lag screw.
Many different forms of treatment have been used to manage such fractures like open reduction and nonrigid fixation with transosseous wires, circummandibular wires, AO reconstruction plates, mini dynamic com- pression plates, compression plates, lag screws and non compression plates.
The sliding distance of the lag screw was <10% in 39 patients (92.
Penetration of the acetabulum by the lag screw guidewire or late intrapelvic migration of the lag screw are other potential sources of vascular injury during or after hip fracture fixation.
In the neutralisation mode, the plate functions to reduce the forces on an inter-fragmentary compression or lag screw.
Solitary lag screw osteosynthesis in the treatment of fractures of the angle of the mandible: a retrospective study.
Use a lag screw with a diameter that matches the smaller hole you drilled and a length that will extend into the framing (usually 4.
1/2-inch diameter lag screw with 15/32-inch wall sheathing between the ledger and band joist,
The lag screw is a large-diameter long screw used for anchoring structural members.
The wooden mailbox pictured at right, purchased at a Bay Area nursery, is mounted atop a 6-foot-tall 4-by-4 redwood post and secured with a 3-inch-long lag screw.
The two flat sides of the lag screw provide for a precise fit and improved rotational stability.
A 5-hole barrel plate fixed to lag screw and fixed to shaft of femur using cortical screws in 2nd and 5th hole of plate.