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a substance derived from amygdalin

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Amygdalin, or laetrile as it is popularly known, is a product made from the pits of apricots.
The FDA strongly opposed laetrile and was ultimately vindicated by a unanimous U.
In order to achieve a realistic evaluation of laetrile (a popular name for the chemical amygdalin), one needs to understand the nature of the testing that has been clone.
As for Bass, he said he did not know that laetrile was outlawed, but didn't care.
It then spread all over the world as the laetrile movement picked up steam.
He became a major leader in the American health movement, when in 1972 he founded the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Medicine, a lobbying and educational organization of 50,000 worldwide members, which funded many court battles and that eventually led to the decriminalization and legalization of laetrile (amygdalin) in 16 states and began utilizing Mexican clinics for Americans seeking alternatives to orthodox treatments.
Historical Background of Amygdalin (Also known as Laetrile and Vitamin B17)
Next came the Contreras Clinic (now Oasis of Hope Hospital), which in turn spawned a succession of laetrile (amygdalin)-oriented clinics.
At the time, the McNaughton Foundation was one of a very select group of locations where laetrile therapy was being administered.
With the exception of using laetrile to treat cancer, few treatment modalities instill greater skepticism and outright condemnation than chelation for treating cardiovascular disease.
These include vitamin C (or ascorbic acid), cesium, urea, lycopene, Laetrile, noni, the Burzynski therapy, Coley's toxins, and others--for which the reference may be consulted.
The NHF's heyday was in supporting chiropractic in the 1960s and the laetrile wars of the 1970s.
When I was involved with the Congressional Technology Assessment's group asked to study unconventional cancer therapies in the late 1980s, we were deflated by the researchers' extensive discussion of meditation and visualization as effective alternative therapies compared to using laetrile and vitamin C.
Ralph Moss to write a chapter on tests of laetrile at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), which Moss had
After additional treatments with laetrile, a debatable apricot-pit-based injection, McQueen discussed he was in recuperation, however he passed away in a while thereafter, going after surgical procedure to remove cancer from his tummy and neck.