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behavior befitting a lady

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This stereotype of submission and prudence, as characteristics of femininity and ladylikeness, is evidenced here with the much lower use of negation in Indicative (direct assertion), and much higher use of negation in Subjunctive (indirect assertion) by the female member of a late fourteenth-century married couple belonging to the Paston family of medieval England, as shown in their vernacular written correspondence.
Denise was indignant and launched into a lecture, arguing that Jean's concept of what was ladylike was "absurd and narrow-minded," and that "the only kind of ladylikeness that had any value was to be honorable and chivalrous, like a Knight of the Round Table" (Tesserae 61).
Austen's own authorial ladylikeness allows her to say only what she ought--in this case, nothing at all.
As Amy is rewarded for her reading of the interdependence of class and status, a reading she facilitates by transforming her bumptious social airs into more mannered expressions of ladylikeness, Jo is punished for her inability to turn her irritation at the social world into a critical strategy that can help her enter it on her own terms.