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Martin Scorsese's virtuosic skills render history's most famous obsessive-compulsive-disorder patient, Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio), as a jaunty, nervy, charismatic lady-killer and visionary of the highest order.
Baby Lifeline's new vice- president, Jimmi Harkishin, who plays Asian shop owner and lady-killer Dev, in Coronation Street, attended the cheque presentations.
Stefan, 23, rose to fame playing romeo Jamie Nash in Hollyoaks for two years but was reluctant to reveal if he was as much of a lady-killer as his screen character.
Something of a lady-killer, Smith also told women that sleeping with him was the path to salvation, hence the origins of the church's polygamist ways.
Amy Brenneman, Aaron Eckhart, Ben Stiller, and Catherine Keener are two socializing couples whose fatally flawed marriages unravel when two of them cross-pollinate; bisexual art maven Nastassja Kinski and lady-killer Jason Patric are the foils.
Vladimir Mashkov, a well-known Russian star, is a convincing lady-killer whose ruthlessness convincingly holds a kind of fascination.
Chevalier, however, does give her advice and a solution: "You've got to find yourself some uncouth lowlife, some savage, some crude beast of a man, a brass-balled lady-killer in spats, an unscrupulous rounder, a rogue.
The demented hero of Luis Bunuel's The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz--virile, artistic, handsome, rich-believes he's a lady-killer.
HEART-THROB Star Pattinson, 23, is now a big lady-killer AGE 4 Little Rob's angel face CULT HERO With co-star Kristen Stewart AGE 6 Looking classy as a schoolboy
Bordaz also said that d'Artagnan reputation as a lady-killer was absolutely right
The lads get frequently specious advice on chicks from lady-killer Luis (Richard Berry).
For rather than boost his image as a lady-killer, the question now on everyone's lips is what's he got to hide?
James Westmore's Escamillio looked the lady-killer, and his robust baritone filled the role.
It seems Swindon-born Billie, 18, learnt the hard way that you don't get involved with an erratic lady-killer like Evans without being burnt.
Even before famous affairs with Kylie and Helena Christensen, Hutchence was a lady-killer with a huge appetite for sex.