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However, little is known about how the volatiles from the aromatic plants regulate the behavior of the spirea aphid and its lady beetle natural enemy; this is information that would be useful for biocontrol in apple production.
convergens, from which they recovered 46 pollen grains from 43 adults, being six pollen grains of Apiaceae, but without identifying the botanical species; however, most of the pollen grains found in the digestive tract of this lady beetle belonged to Asteraceae (16 grains of Aspilia Thou.
One of the shortcomings of lady beetles for biological control is they can fly
These data show certain aspects of the patterns of pigment distribution on the pronota of multicolored Asian lady beetles are correlated with the patterns on their elytra.
The objective of this study was to estimate risk to Uroleucon aphids from non-native lady beetles by determining incidence of lady beetles on Uroleucon-occupied plants in eastern South Dakota, and by evaluating the acute impact on Uroleucon prey by selected lady beetle species in no-choice laboratory tests.
The lady beetle eats the scale insects tended by the ants.
The one that was seen in large numbers last fall was the nonnative multicoloured Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis).
Sampling was initiated on 15 September 2002 at five of the original ten release sites, and was subsequently expanded to include the original ten sites where mass releases of the lady beetle were made.
When the weather turns colder, lady beetle adults begin to seek wintering sites, often in a house.
Asian lady beetle (Harmonia axyridis (Pallas)) populations in soybean fields were low during 2004 probably due, in large part, to the decreased abundance of soybean aphids.
For example, the two-spotted lady beetle may be common in Calgary, but in the eastern prairies it is rare and the thirteen-spotted lady beetle is as common as the seven-spotted.
In 2001, the soybean aphid was quite abundant and the lady beetle population exploded.