ladies' man

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a man who takes advantage of women

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But with his ladies' man reputation, he is sure to be tempted by our Playmates," the insider added.
A notorious ladies' man, Chico falls head over heels for Rita's bountiful charms and the pair become collaborators in every sense, promising rich pickings for his manager Ramon (Mario Guerra).
What powerful inner force could compel this ladies' man to contain his lust despite overwhelming temptation?
LADIES' man Shane Warne spent an evening with Kylie Minogue as he readied himself for battle Down Under.
Lest anyone think that men in tights are always gay, let's not forget that ballet's biggest box office attraction was Mikhail Baryshnikov, a ladies' man who made a number of straight men think ballet class might be a good way to meet chicks.
Hyman, a one-time ladies' man now married to a good-natured chatterbox (Janet Wood) to be both middleman and -- this being set before psychoanalysis was fashionable -- interpreter.
Busy Claire is set to rumba with ladies' man Brendan Cole in Strictly Come Dancing next month.
The former Liverpool striker and ladies' man had to act out a love scene with the Hollywood goddess of raunch in a car.
Even in Hollywood, it's possible for a male actor to reveal his feminine side--but only when playing history's most famous ladies' man.
He said: ``I have a bit of a reputation with some people at my university for being a ladies' man,hence the idea for the bet.
Jasper, you have kind of a reputation as a ladies' man.
Steph, a good looking, ladies' man, is pursuing his dream of becoming a cover model.
Himes remembered him as the best storyteller and others as a ladies' man, still others as an excellent host who cooked rabbit stuffed with "hasch.
Hoping to rid themselves of Eva once and for all, the men concoct a simple plan: they pay off ladies' man Ray Adams (LL Cool J) to romance and distract Eva.
A source says: "Jordan has always been a ladies' man.